Posted by: digibirder | December 29, 2013

Blog Alert!

Has it really been that long? My last post was published back in April! What has taken me so long? Well, work for one thing, taking up most of my time these days. And the fact that I haven’t really had the will power to keep this blog going. We have been out, now and again, and I have taken quite a few photos, but I suppose I assumed that these things weren’t worth blogging about.

I did start another photo project at the beginning of the year. After the failed 365 a couple of years ago, where I lasted till February before I ran out of steam and ideas, I thought I would put less pressure on myself and make it a 52 project, where I would choose one photo from the weekend and post that. That lasted a little longer, but fizzled out by the summer. I was toying with the idea of doing something in 2014, but giving myself a bit of leeway with the rules. Maybe another 52 project, but allowing an image from anytime during the previous week, rather than an image only taken on one day. I certainly don’t think I could manage a 365 project (taking a photo every day). Perhaps concentrating on one genre, or a different one every month, or a particular colour theme. We’ll see. I have a couple more days to think about whether I am up to it and disciplined enough.

I recently decided to get rid of my Canon dSLR and moved over to a compact system camera, the Fuji X-E2. As I am not running my photography business any more, I decided that carrying around the heavy gear was no longer fun. I had already purchased the Fuji X10 last Christmas, and had hardly used the 40D since then, so it seemed a good idea to move all the way to a compact system. Some items have been sold via a photography forum and some went in part exchange towards the new camera. I still have a few items to sell, so hopefully that will get me some extra lenses.

The new camera had its first outing a couple of weeks ago when we visited the Manchester Christmas Market, and today we went out to blow the Christmas cobwebs away with a walk around Otley Chevin. We have driven through Otley numerous times, and stopped a few times in the town itself, and we’ve been a couple of times to the large car boot sale in the town. We didn’t want to travel too far so we decided to investigate the surrounding area, having seen the walk reviewed on a walking website. It wasn’t too far from the centre of the town, and it was very popular with other people, especially dog-walkers, but it was an enjoyable day, finished off with a tasty soup and bread, followed by cake and a pot of tea.

So, I am now going to try and keep this blog updated in the new year, possibly with the weekly photo project as it goes along. For now, here are the recent outings with the Fuji X-E2.













  1. Great to have your blog again, Di… looks like the XE-2 is giving you good results? Loved the XE-1….

    Like the pic of K, gazing out over a fantastic view!

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