Posted by: digibirder | September 16, 2012

What a turnaround!

So, one minute we’re in Cyprus, combining a little bit of holiday mixed in with a lot of research in preparation for moving there permanently, the next it’s all change and I have a new job and our plans are put on hold! Within two weeks of arriving back home, I was in full time employment. I had applied to this company for a job back in February, but the job went to someone else, but they did keep my CV on file. A couple of days after we arrived back home from Cyprus I had an email from the company asking if I was interested in a position in the customer relations department, I said yes and then had a phone call asking me for an interview, and a few days after that a call asking if I wanted to go in for a trial day, and at the end of that day I was offered the job and I started the following day. Being back in work has taken some getting used to after two and a half years, but I am now enjoying it and getting used to all the procedures and people.

So, with that, I haven’t been out and about as much taking photographs, and the business has been put on the back burner a little. We are still preparing things for craft fairs and markets, but we haven’t had the chance to do many of those in the past few weeks. Keith still has some framing jobs to do, but has had to have a bit of a break due to back pain he’s been having for a few weeks. He is now slowly on the mend, after having some massage and physio sessions.

Since starting my new job, we have managed to get away for a weekend break in Norfolk. We were supposed to be meeting up with a few friends, but a family illness put that on hold, but we decided to go anyway. We had decided to camp, but having sold our folding camper a few weeks before, we had to buy a new tent and a few items of camping gear that we either didn’t have as a result of having the camper, or we’d sold thinking we wouldn’t be camping again in the run-up to emigrating to Cyprus! We booked two nights at the Camping Club site at West Runton. The tent was very nice, and not too bad to pitch and pack away. The nights were a little cold, though, and I had to resort to the extra blanket.

I decided to rent a wide angle zoom lens for this break, as it is something that I am short of in my arsenal of lenses. I have, in the past, tried the Canon 16-35mm and the 17-40mm, both of which are excellent lenses, but I thought I would go wider and try the 10-22mm. Unlike the previous ones, this is made for crop-sensor cameras, so if I ever upgraded to a full-frame camera this lens would not be compatible, but I really enjoyed using it, despite only having it for three days, two of which were mostly spent travelling. I will certainly be giving it another try, hopefully for a little longer. All images below were taken using this lens.

Sunset from the hill behind the campsite

Surveying the view – the ground below this bench has been gradually disappearing over the years!

West Runton beach

Entrance to Cromer Pier

After packing up the tent and other gear into the car, we set off for home, but decided to drive along the north Norfolk coast road to try and get some sweeping coastal views. It was quite a hot day, and after the exertion of packing up, we didn’t really feel like doing much. We did drive down to the coast a couple of times to see if we could park and walk a little, but there were too many people, and it was very hot, and we were very bothered! In the end we stopped off at a pub for some lunch (Red Lion at Stiffkey – very nice) and then just carried on to get home.

I’m not really sure what I am going to do about the photography business at the moment. As I said, we will probably continue to do the fairs and markets, but the portrait side of the business will probably be set aside for now, although I have agreed to photograph a 40th birthday party in March next year. I am just concentrating on my job at the moment, and also working some extra weekends for the overtime. It will all help to get me back on the straight and narrow financially, and hopefully get me some new photo gear!



  1. black & white tut tut 😉

    seriously they can be great fun I just found I never tended t take it out….. nice shots tho

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