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This and that

Well, yet again I’ve left a huge gap in beween blog posts and find myself having to play catch-up yet again. The trouble is that quite a lot happens in between posting, but then it’s either too much for one post, or I simply forget about things anyway. Must keep up, must keep up…

So, to begin with, we have decided to stop going to the market at Holmfirth. We missed two weeks by being at other events, then when we were due to go back we were informed that there were other events booked on the upper floor, so we would not be able to have a stall. I had an inkling that this was going to happen when they changed the stalls for some that were easier to take down. We did go a couple of weeks ago, and managed to get a spare stall downstairs, but this week we just didn’t bother. It’s a shame as the town was holding an Arts Festival, so we were hoping that this would be good for business, as it has been a bit disappointing overall. Takings really tailed off from the first successful couple of weeks.

Prior to our break from Holmfirth, there was a Folk Festival in the town, and we did get a lot of visitors, but not many buying. There were a few troupes of Morris Dancers wandering in and out, all of which had a different style of costume. They all came past the market later in the day in a festival parade.

Ladies in colourful costumes

Ahem, Elvis is alive! And has a twin!!

On the morning of this market, we had risen early to try and get a nice sunrise image. We drove up alongside a reservoir that we had visited previously, where I had worked out that the sun would be shining through a wood early in the morning. We arrived a little late, having visited another area first, and had a wander along the road. When we were in this area before, the light was very flat and boring, but the sun coming through the trees made for more interesting light.

Compare to similar image in previous post

Decided to also try this in b&w

We had a few more trips around the Holmfirth area to get more images, but we also investigated around Penistone, as we had booked a table at an Artisan Fayre in the town’s new market hall. This meant we would miss a Saturday at Holmfirth, but we were already beginning to get the feeling that we might not be going there for much longer. This craft fair had been organised by a lady who makes jewellery and she had gathered together a wide variety of crafters with good quality products. The fair took place over the Jubilee weekend, and it proved to be very successful indeed. It had been well-publicised, and it was very busy. We made more than at any other market or craft fair we’d done, and Keith had five framing jobs booked from it as well, just about doubling the income. The new market building in Penistone is quite impressive, being constructed in the form of a cruck barn. It was a bit draughty, so I am glad they had put in the glass walls along the sides. Goodness knows how cold it must have been with open sides. The lady has arranged another fair at Penistone in July, which we have booked on, so hopefully that one will be just as good.

I needed some new bluebell images, but this wood near Penistone was not quite ready

Looking over towards Penistone railway viaduct

Royd Moor wind turbines

Castle Hill, near Huddersfield, nearing sunset

Viewed from the opposite side

Grimescar Woods, near Huddersfield was a lot better

Our stall at Penistone

I’ve had a couple of portrait sessions recently, one for some business headshots, and the other a mixture of business and family images (these will be on my business blog soon). The latter one involved some images of a small room for the business shots, so I had to hire a wide angle lens for this. As usual, this was from Lenses for Hire and was the Canon 17-40mm f/4 L. I would rather have had the 16-35mm f/2.8 L, which I have hired before, but this wasn’t in stock for when I wanted it. I suppose something wider still might have been better, but it did the job. While I had the lens, I took the opportunity of trying it out on some landscapes. Again, we headed to the Holmfirth area.

Panoramic of Holmfirth (uneven sky due to ND graduated filter)

You might just make out Castle Hill in the distance

I quite liked the lens, but I think landscapes need something wider. I will perhaps look into a new wide-angle lens when I have a little more income coming in. Not sure whether this will be a Canon lens, but I won’t be having another Sigma lens after the results I had with the last one. Might take a look at Tamron.

I think that’s enough updates for one sitting. There are other things to post, but they can wait for the next installment.


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