Posted by: digibirder | May 13, 2012

Testing the market

Things have been a little up and down with the regular Saturday market at Holmfirth. Our runaway success at the first visit was followed by a couple of weeks of reduced sales, and no sales on a couple of occasions. Over the bank holiday weekend, we did OK on the Saturday, and then nothing on the Sunday and Monday. Keith had a framing commission, from a lady who wanted a school photo of her granddaughter framing, so that was an extra bonus, and we took that in on Saturday for her. I also had an enquiry from a couple who wanted a Yorkshire Dales barn and stone wall image to take as a gift for some friends who live in France. I have quite a few of these images, so I will be downloading a choice onto the iPad for when they revisit the market in a couple of weeks, and this will be printed and framed in time for their trip. This weekend we managed to sell a couple of small framed floral images and five greetings cards. At least we are overall still in profit regarding the cost of the stall. Now we need to earn back the cost of all the materials and our time, but that’s a long way off!!

When we arrived on Saturday, we discovered that they have  taken away the canopied stalls and replaced them with simple trestle tables. This is to make the room easier to clear when they have other events booked. It seems unfair when the downstairs stalls remain the same. I quite liked this style, but the new tables do allow more light onto the products, so I suppose it is better in a way. The whole room appears brighter, and I think the new tables are slightly larger.

Our stand – before they changed it

We are in the far right corner (with woman viewing)

View from behind our stall (we had also placed a few items on a spare stall on the right)

We are really in a testing phase with this market. We are giving it until perhaps the end of June, when there is an arts fair in the town, and if we don’t do well then, I think we might call it a day. I also have an Artisan Market booked in Penistone at the beginning of June, but that is not a weekly event, so we’ll see what that brings.

While at the market the other week, I left Keith at the stall and had a wander round the town to get some local images. We have made these into some mounted prints and greetings cards. Holmfirth is a tourist town, being the location for the popular TV series, Last of the Summer Wine, and there are lots of interesting features in the town.

Lots of these back alleys in Holmfirth

The location for Sid’s cafe in the TV series

The town view from Victoria Park

Following the bank holiday market, we went over to the area again in order to get some local images in the surrounding countryside. I had spotted a field of oil-seed rape, and so that’s where we headed first. We managed to find the footpath, but the farmer had not done a very good job of keeping the path in good order. After clambering through a gate, through a yard swimming in slurry, over some  very overgrown rocky ground, and into the field, it became apparent that there would be no ideal viewpoint so we headed back the way we came and went on to our next location – a local reservoir. I am not convinced about the images, though, and whether they would sell. The following images are from the road up to one of the reservoirs, but these will probably not be in the for sale pile.

On the way back, we detoured along a country lane and managed to get to the top of the rape field we visited earlier, and discovered a public footpath leading right to the edge of it. It was a much better position than from the farm, as I was able to look down on the field, rather than being below looking up. I took a few images, but I could really do with a wide angle lens.

A little experiment!

Keith has now finished the football shirts for Neil Warnock, and delivered them to him the other day. He is very pleased with them and thinks he will have the other three done as well.

The Lionel Messi signed shirt (this one is reversible, with glass both sides)

The Brazil shirt signed by all the team

I decided in the end to cancel my reflexology course, as it would not have led to the full qualification I expected, and to upgrade to a course in order to do this would have cost a lot in terms of both time and money. I felt that my time would be better spent concentrating on the photography business. And I couldn’t afford the cost anyway.

I have continued to attend a couple of networking groups, and this has now resulted in a couple of portrait session bookings. One is a business headshot session, and the other is an on-location family/child/pet session combined with a business headshot and premises shoot for a therapist. I am looking forward to getting those done over the next couple of weeks.


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