Posted by: digibirder | March 13, 2012

A few more trips

Well, we’ve been slowly getting back into some sort of a routine with our businesses and trying to think of ways to get them moving along a bit better. Keith did some leaflets round our estate and had one enquiry, but that turned out to be a waste of time. The couple wanted some cross-stitch pieces framing, but seemed to balk at the quoted price (which was way cheaper than it should have been anyway!). He ended up cancelling appointments and making other excuses, so Keith decided to wave goodbye to that one.

I’ve printed off some flyers, being unable to have any done professionally at the moment, but I am a little hesitant to use them, as I am not sure they give the right impression of quality. I might give them a go and see what response they get. I am also in the process of re-thinking my prices and packages. I wonder if they are too high for the area in which we live, but not high enough for the high-end customer I would really like. I need to get some marketing advice.

I’ve had a few occasions where I’ve been out and about with the camera, the first being a meeting with some local togs who frequent a photography forum I joined. We met at Yorkshire Sculpture Park on a very damp, cold day in February. There was only a small turnout to start with, then we discovered that a number of people had met at a different car park, so we all met up eventually. I have been here before, but only stayed for a short time and did not get to see most of the exhibits. This was a longer stay, but we still didn’t get to see all of it.

One of Antony Gormley’s sculptures

There seemed to be a rabbit theme going on!

A few days later, we paid a visit to Hodsock Priory, as it was snowdrop season. I had entered the photo competition last year, and won a runner-up prize of free entry to this year’s open season. I wondered whether to enter the competition again, but I came away quite underwhelmed with my efforts.

A couple of weeks ago, we had a little drive up to Wetherby. I wanted to try and get some local scenes in preparation for the craft fair we’d booked there. Again, I failed to get the required results, but we had a good day out. From Wetherby we drove to Spofforth Castle, which was quite an interesting place. It was built into the surrounding rocky ground and a staircase was cut into the rock face leading to the upper storey. Most of the building is now gone, of course.

Wetherby weir

From the opposite side of the river

Looking down to the riverside from the bridge

The old mill wheel and leaping salmon sculpture

The craft fair mentioned earlier took place last weekend, and we actually did quite well. It had been billed partly as an art fair as well as a craft fair, and they had split the fair into two rooms. We did achieve better sales, as people obviously came looking for art rather than crafts. We even had Neil Warnock enquiring! One customer bought a large framed image and then bought a mounted print as well. We certainly covered the stand fee on this occasion (about time!).

I missed the morning, as I had to drop Keith off and leave him to set up, and then dash back to Rotherham for the first day of my reflexology course. As it turned out, it was only form-filling and health and safety matters, so had I known, I could have done this on another day and saved the extra journey. And it also transpired that the course does not lead to a qualification, as I’d been wrongly informed. I may continue with it, as it was free, but I am not impressed.

Earlier that week we made the pilgrimage to the annual Focus on Imaging exhibition at the NEC Birmingham. I managed to get a hold of the new Canon compact G1X, and was very impressed. It’s on my shopping list for when I have a spare £700 lying around! I also managed to look at some products that might be useful addition for portrait clients, such as albums and block-mounted prints. A very tiring day, but a great place to see all the new photo gear in one place.

I’m currently looking into more local fairs, and hoping to get out and about taking local images to show at those events. We have a little trip planned for this week to sort that out. More of that in a later post.



  1. Do you want a stall at Braithwell in June?

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