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Cyprus part 2

Jan 29th
We woke up refreshed after our long sleep and opened our anniversary cards that we had brought along with us. The weather did not look so good and the day continued with lots of cloud and occasional rain.

We caught the bus to Paphos habour area and walked around in the rain, walking along the sea front to the fort then back to the shopping area. Most of the shops were closed, but there were a few restaurants open. We wanted to have our anniversary meal at Laona up in the main town, but they were closed on Sundays and in the evenings out of the main season. I didn’t fancy traipsing out at night, being miles from the nearest open establishment, so we opted for a lunchtime treat at The Moorings. I had beef stifado (a stew) and Keith had swordfish. Both were very nice, and were followed by tiramisu for me (not exactly typical Cypriot fare!) and strawberry cake for Keith.

The weather did clear up and sunshine appeared by mid-afternoon. We caught the bus back and sat on the balcony with a friendly cat who visited us quite often during the week.

Later on we wandered down to the lounge, where wi-fi was available, and checked weather forecasts, etc, before heading back to the room to have something to eat. As we’d had a big lunch, we had a feta cheese sandwich for dinner.

We decided to get the remote for the TV (there was only a returnable deposit to pay) but there wasn’t a lot of choice as it turned out – just a euro news channel and most of the rest in Greek, but it was useful for the weather reports. We also decided we really needed some heat in the room, so we booked a couple of days use of the heater, which is actually the air-con unit switched to heating mode using the remote. The apartment could have done with some serious warming up, but it needs something more long-term than these wall-mounted units. When they were switched off it didn’t take long for the room to get really cold again.

Had a fairly early night, and slept really well.

Jan 30th
The weather looked doubtful but at least it wasn’t raining. We walked to Lidl supermarket just down the road, took the provisions back to the room, then walked down the road a little further to the car hire place to book a car for later in the week. From there we caught a bus to the bus station near the harbour, then another one to go up to the main town. We had a wander round the market, buying a new tablecloth, then went to Laona for lunch. I had a delicious liver casserole and Keith had a fish layered with vegetables. We washed this down with a carafe of wine, and we were then given coffees on the house.

It started to rain and then continued for the rest of the afternoon. We caught a bus to the harbour and then another back to apartment. Our afternoon snack was a cup of tea with a fruit pastry bought that morning, then a little later we made a brandy sour before starting dinner, which was sheftalia (a typical Cypriot sausage) and salad, washed down with the remaining wine from Saturday.

We then discovered that one of the heating units had broken, so the staff on duty at the hotel provided us with an electric portable heater. This warmed the room up quite nicely, but we decided to go down to the lounge again (this became a nightly ritual) to sit in front of the log fire. We got talking to a nice couple who were staying for the week, and checked the weather forecast on the Internet, again. While we were there we noticed a few lightning flashes outside and heard some thunder. We decided to get back to the room before the deluge started, and we just managed it. The thunderstorm lasted into the night, with almost continuous claps of thunder and the lightning was lighting up the whole horizon. It was quite an impressive storm. In our taxi bus back to the airport at the end of the holiday, someone mentioned that their flight into Paphos had to be diverted until the storm had passed over.

Arriving back in the room, we noticed that the other heating unit had now broken!

Jan 31st
Clear skies and sunshine today! Still needed the heater inside though. We went to reception to inform them of the additional breakdown and the maintenance man was sent to investigate. After doing a bit of washing and hanging it on the balcony to dry in the warm sunshine, we left the repair man to do his job and went out for a walk. We’d spotted a track leading down to the sea, so that’s where we headed. It was quite wet underfoot from all the rain and I went and slipped in a puddle! My legs got quite muddy, but I managed to prevent the bag containing my camera from hitting the floor, and my binoculars from getting damaged. It’s a wonder I didn’t do more damage to my rib or twist something else by trying to save my precious equipment!! Continuing along the path we managed to see corn bunting, black redstart, stonechat and a mystery warbler – probably chiff chaff. We heard a cetti’s warbler but did not see it.

We returned to the room to find the maintenance man still there, but he was painting the bedroom ceiling! They had decided that the black mould staining round the edges of the room needed covering up, so he had washed it with bleach first and then painted it. He said that they’d had to call in the engineers to fix the heating units and they were on their way.

It was time for a brandy sour and a toasted feta sandwich for lunch, then a snooze. We then went to do a little more shopping at Lidl and on our return the repair man had arrived. After some to-ing and fro-ing, it was finally fixed and we had heat.

There was more rain later in the afternoon, but we had our usual sit and chat by the fire in the lounge before having an early night.

Paphos harbour area looking towards the fort

Towards the shopping and restaurant area

Man alone with his thoughts

Our feline visitor watching the birds

Paphos market

From balcony overlooking pool and bar

Stranded ship

Female Black Redstart

An abandoned shack – could have been a bar, or something

Apartments overlooking the sea – not ours!



  1. Glad you got some sun eventually; that storm sounds quite dramatic!

    Painting the ceiling with guests staying in the room? How odd…. 😉

    • It was indeed a spectacular storm.

      I did wonder why they decided to do the ceiling while we were still there. It could have been another room move, if we had suffered with the smell of bleach or paint!

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