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Juggling again!

I am still trying to catch up with all that is happening so far this year, as well as bits and bobs from last year. I managed to post an update on my business blog the other day, which you can read HERE. I am hoping to get more posted over the next few days, to catch up with all the portrait sessions I’ve done. To get updates on the blog, just click the subscribe button at the top of the web page.

Despite my rib injury, I managed to drive to Cumbria to take part in the Aspire photography course a few weeks ago, and very good it was too. Again, the update on that will be on my business blog, but it was a fabulous day and I came away with lots of great information and images of the children we were shooting (with cameras, of course!). The room I stayed in at a local pub was not so great, but it was OK. I had a nice meal when I arrived and a reasonable cooked breakfast, but because he’d already discounted his prices for the winter, he didn’t give me the discount agreed with the Aspire training school. If I do another course, I certainly won’t be staying there again.

The rib is still giving me trouble, but mainly when laying in bed, but I am miffed that I still don’t feel able to get back into my exercise regime yet. It’s just too risky to do anything too strenuous. I have got a support wrapped round my chest, which is helping, but I really don’t have a lot of trouble with it when I am upright – just the occasional twinge.

The main news is that we recently treated ourselves to a short break in Cyprus, to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. It was also an opportunity to look into the possibility of moving there to live. We almost made the move when Keith had an interview for a job there a couple of years ago. Although he didn’t get the job in the end, it did put the idea into our heads that this might be a good move anyway. At the time, I joined an online forum for expats living in Cyprus and gleaned a lot of information from the members. I also became acquainted with a woman from Barnsley who was moving out there. I never got the chance to call in for coffee before she went, but I got in touch when we booked the holiday to say we were coming over. She arranged with some other Yorkshire expats to meet up with us for lunch, a couple who had only been there a couple of weeks, and another couple (the forum moderators) who are property agents. There was much discussion about the pros and cons of living there and Veronica and Dennis then kindly offered to spend some time with us during our holiday to show us some houses. This was very helpful, as it gave us some idea of what is available for our budget, and they arranged for some people from an estate agent to show us a couple of their properties.

Having been to Cyprus a few times in the past, we hadn’t expected it to be so cold. We even had to pay for some heating in the apartment, which we have never done before, despite one trip being over Christmas and New Year. The first few days were rainy at times, but it did pick up as the week went on. I must admit, seeing the news of all the snow chaos in Europe made me thankful we hadn’t chosen Prague for our break! At least we managed some time sitting on the balcony with our ouzo or brandy sour.

The apartment left a lot to be desired. Of course, we had tried to do this holiday on a bit of a budget, and it was only two star, but we have been in two star apartments before and never had any issues. The water was the main problem: the flow to the bath was almost non-existent, making the pressure from the shower a pathetic spray that hardly felt as if it was hitting you. Also we had to run the water for about ten minutes before it started to get even lukewarm. Having said that, the room itself was in a great position with a view out to sea. This was our second room, as the morning after our arrival we asked to be moved from the original room. We walked into this first room at 2.30am, the flight having been delayed for three hours, and it reeked of cigarette smoke and was a little grubby, and there was a constant humming noise from a generator somewhere. It was also right at the back of the complex with very little sun getting to it at any part of the day. We couldn’t be bothered messing about at the time, as we were so tired and just wanted to get into bed.

Anyway, we coped OK and had a good holiday overall. I have quite a few images so I will break this holiday report into several posts, so as not to overwhelm you.

Jan 28th
We had to wait until midday to move into a new room, so we had a little walk around the area to get our bearings. The accommodation was quite a distance from the main town, and although there were shops and tavernas nearby, most were closed for the season. Luckily there was a Lidl about 5 minutes walk away, so that is where we bought most of our requirements. After we’d moved into the new room we walked into Paphos old town, where we visited Laona, which is a favourite restaurant that we have been to on previous occasions. We had already eaten lunch so we called in and had a beer (Cyprus Keo beer) and talked with the owner and arranged to go again another day. When we first found this typical Cypriot restaurant in 1989, they did not have a menu and you had to choose your food from the pans in the kitchen. We were the only tourists in the place at the time. Now they have many accolades for being one of the best places to eat in Paphos, and they have expanded into the next door building and have tables on the street outside (which has gone from being a traffic route to a pedestrian only thoroughfare). They now have a menu board with daily specials and it really is delicious typical food. A lot of places have gone away from the Cypriot specialities and you now get more Italian, Chinese and Indian restaurants. And of course, fish and chips!

After our beer we started to walk towards the harbour area, but it was further than we thought so we waited for a bus, then decided to get a bus back to the hotel. We were quite shattered by this time, having had very little sleep due to the delayed flight, so we had an early night and slept, on and off, for about 11 hours!

Enjoying a beer in the sunshine

A typical Cypriot church in Paphos town

The clean towels were arranged in a strange style!

Enjoying the sunset from the balcony

The view to the right from the balcony

To be continued.




  1. happy anniversary

    • Thanks. Found this in the spam folder! Hence why it’s only just been posted.

  2. Belated happy anniversary

    and very odd looking towels…

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