Posted by: digibirder | January 23, 2012

New Year, New Me

I suppose I’d better get a New Year post in before it actually gets too far into the year!

Well, firstly I’m hoping for a new me for this year. I decided that I have gained far too much weight over the past couple of years, and have embarked on a fitness and exercise regime in order to shed some of it, as well as modifying my diet. I have missed a few days, but I do feel better when I’ve done my exercises. I am exercising to a Rosemary Conley DVD, as I find that a good mix of aerobic and toning with not too much pain. Some of the DVDs I have purchased are a little too vigorous for me, at least for now. Hopefully the pounds will start to drop off soon and I will be able to get into a few more items of clothing that I haven’t been able to wear in ages.

Unfortunately, the other day I was doing some floor exercises, rolled over to get on my front, felt a twinge in my ribs when it touched the carpet, and it’s been very difficult to move about or get comfortable since. I went to the doctors this morning, but there isn’t  a lot you can do for rib injuries other than rest. A bit of a problem, in that I have booked a photography course at Aspire on Wednesday and I am driving up tomorrow and staying overnight. I’ve strapped a bandage round for some support, and it is feeling a bit more comfortable at the moment, so fingers crossed…

Secondly, I’m hoping that my business is going to move forward with greater speed than it has been doing, hence my decision to take advantage of the opportunity to do this course, when it was presented to me by the manager of the company via a discussion on LinkedIn. Aspire is one of the country’s top photographic training companies, so I am hoping that this will really push my business forward. I’ve been trying to get my services and products sorted out, but there is still a bit of juggling to do with regard to getting a maximum return on my investment of time and money.

Before Christmas I did a couple more free shoots for members of my networking group, and I also had a booking for a session with a family of six plus two dogs. That has resulted in a nice sale of images, but only on DVD rather than wall prints, but it was a start. I’ve decided not to post the session images on here any longer, so if you want to see the latest news on my business please visit and bookmark Image and Light Photography. You can also subscribe to the news feed from there if you wish. I just thought that it would increase my site traffic a bit, and get me higher up in Google. I’d be grateful for some links to the site from your sites, too, if you don’t mind. I’ve closed off commenting for now, as I have been getting a lot of spam, so I am looking into how to prevent that. I have got comment moderation on, but the spam/moderate folder was constantly having to be emptied, so I decided to switch it off for now.

We had a little trip to Knaresborough just before Christmas. The craft fair organiser at my last fair had bought one of my images for a friend and we didn’t get the replacement inks for our printer in time, so I had to have it printed at a lab and we ended up delivering it to her home in Harrogate, as posting wouldn’t have got it there in time. We then went on for a little stroll round Knaresborough, as we had never been there before, and we were also in need of some fresh air and exercise. It was a sunny but cold day, but we managed a walk along the river to the castle and then a little stroll round the town centre.

I also did some close-ups of this interesting door to use as background textures

Some of the riverside houses were built into the rock face

The river from the castle walls

At New Year we visited our friends in Lincoln for a New Year’s Eve party at their village hall. It was a good evening, with plenty of food and drink. We had a table of ten, and we all contributed some food and drink, but there was rather a lot and much was wasted. I didn’t actually drink that much, as I had started to feel a little nauseous early on in the evening. Before setting off that morning I had a slight headache, and Keith felt a little off, so we can only assume that it was something we both ate the day before. After seeing in the New Year we wandered back to the house where the merriment continued, but I was very sick and and then had to go straight to bed. I woke briefly when Keith came to bed, about 3.30am apparently, and then went straight back to sleep.

No comment!

The following morning, we became acquainted with their new chickens.

So, that’s me all caught up with recent news, I think. I’m hoping I can move around a bit better tomorrow and that I can get through the course day without any difficulties. We are shooting children – not in a bad way, of course – so it might be a bit fast-paced.



  1. Good luck for the course; it’ll be so engrossing you’ll forget about your rib!

    Like that blue door and the houses built into the rock face are intriguing!!

    • Thanks, Tricia. The rib is feeling a bit better this afternoon, so hopefully it will be OK tomorrow for my journey.

  2. the wine was working I see!!

    there is no bad way of shooting children!! 😀

    • It certainly was, although I had very little, being a bit under the weather.

      Yes, what have I done, I am working with both children and animals!

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