Posted by: digibirder | December 11, 2011

Am I coming or going?

I seem to have been in a bit of a whirl lately – not sure where the time goes. We’ve both been busy with one thing or another, and dashing here and there, and yet there are still things to do that seem to get lost by the wayside. And then I hit a day, like today, where I wake up with a banging headache and then the whole day goes to pot.

I had some more IT issues, when I managed to download something that messed up my computer and had to spend a week getting advice from a tech site to get rid of it. Not easy, as the site is US-based and the replies have a bit of a delay due to time differences, but it got sorted in the end. It was a bit worrying, as at about the same time someone tried (or succeeded, not sure) to get into my Facebook account. Apparently there was no sign of a keylogger on my system (according to the logs I had to post), but it was quite scary. All this from clicking on an innocent-looking link to a photographer’s website, and this was on LinkedIn, which is a reputable site. Whether the poster’s site had been compromised, or whether they joined LinkedIn to cause mayhem, I don’t know. I can’t really remember the site now, as it all happened very quickly. So, be careful what you click on, however innocent it seems.

While I’m on the topic of social media, I have disabled my @digibirder Twitter account, due to constant follow requests from dubious accounts. I have now set up follows to some of the Twits from that account using my @imageandlight account, so I hope I haven’t missed anyone. I think it will be far simpler keeping one account. I hardly visited that old account anyway, other than to block the unwanted followers.

I did another free photoshoot a couple of weeks ago – for a relative of a member of my network group. This was two sisters, aged 11 and 3, and we managed to get a few shots in the garden, despite the fact that it was cold and late in the afternoon so not brilliant light. The little one was quite a poser!

Last weekend I shot a session for a family of six (five adults and a four-year-old) and two dogs. I am still in the process of editing these to show the family. I took a few images inside then we went into the garden for a few shots, but it was a bit cold and windy so that didn’t take too long. Indoors I used a flashgun on a stand with a reflective umbrella to spread the light, but on reflection (pun alert) I should have used it as a shoot-through to diffuse the light more. I’ll post them at a later date.

After the photo session, we drove over to see our friends in Lincoln, as we had been invited to stay overnight, and take part in a Christmas meal and quiz at a nearby village. The evening was very good, and especially so as we won the first prize in the quiz! The prize was four bottles of wine, which we shared between us. The following morning we relaxed a little before heading into Lincoln for the Christmas Market. I wanted to go last year, but it was cancelled due to the snow. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the photos I wanted as it was very busy and there wasn’t a spare bit of pavement to stand on. There was a one-way system in place so you had to mooch along at a very slow pace all round the market and it was very difficult to stop at some stalls due to the crowds. Then, of course, you were stuck till someone else decided to move on. Madness. We had arrived a little early, so by the time the light was ideal for photography we were knackered, so we headed back and started preparing dinner, watched a bit of telly and then headed home.

Yesterday we had a stall at a craft fair in Wetherby, and this time, don’t faint, we made back the stand fee and a bit extra. We sold a mounted image to one of the organisers wanting a Yorkshire Dales image for a friend who has just moved into that area, and then a large mounted image of a wild flower meadow. Oh, and two greetings cards. So, a successful day for a change. I have booked one more fair – same place, same organisers – in March, and that one is a craft/art exhibition, which is something new they are trying. I think if that one produces poor results I will call it a day on the fairs. Although I don’t quite know what to do with all the stock I have. I will probably have to try and sell the stuff on eBay or via my website. It’s been a lot of trouble and expense for very little return. I didn’t expect it to make a fortune, but it’s been dire. I suppose I lost the real purpose of the fairs, and that was as a vehicle to promote the portraiture business, but I didn’t do very well at local fairs (probably didn’t give it chance) and stupidly moved further afield, where it wasn’t practical to offer portrait sessions as the distance to travel would not make it worthwhile.

Anyway, things seem to be moving in the right direction now, after some false starts and hesitation on my part. I still have a long way to go, but at least I know what’s required – more practice, mainly.



  1. Whirligig life indeed! Love the girls…. the last 3 in particular.. the two singles for the ‘tree hugging’ element and in the last one they are so relaxed and happy. You’ve obviously got the touch at getting the best out of your subjects!

  2. some very nice pics. The only I have reservations of is no 3. the photo looks out of balance

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