Posted by: digibirder | November 13, 2011

A lazy day

Well, it wasn’t intended to be so, but it sort of happened that way. Woke up not feeling great, so lounged around in jim-jams for some time before getting ready, then wasn’t really into doing much else. So here I am. I’ve been editing some images, catching up on a couple of  forums, and just basically chilling out.

Since my last post I have progressed a little on the business front. I did manage to get my first portrait session done, and then had another one booked with a member of my networking group. These two were just for the children of the members, but there are two other members wanting a session, and a relative of one of those has booked a session, which I am doing next weekend. And since announcing on Facebook and Twitter that I was offering free photoshoots in order to build my portfolio, I’ve had another enquiry for a family shoot of four adults, which will be in December.

The first session, with a very confident three-year-old, was a bit hit-and-miss as it was quite sunny, causing hard shadows – not the most flattering light. And the session was held in their small garden so there wasn’t really space to get a suitable background in the best light. Also had to watch out for the chickens running around! Anyway, at least I’ve made a start and I managed to assess what to do and what not to do for next time. Now that the first ones are in the bag I feel a bit more confident. It’s certainly different from shooting models on a workshop!

It was a little windy and she had very flyaway hair!

I had to postpone the second session due to bad weather, but the rescheduled date wasn’t a lot better. At least it wasn’t bright sunshine, but it would have helped to have had at least some direction of light. I think I need more practice on creating a direction of light when there isn’t any. It was a bit damp and dull, but we managed to find a corner of the park where some colourful autumn leaves had fallen. This was a three-year-old girl and her 18-month-old brother. The little boy was a bit hesitant, but soon cheered up when mum threw some leaves about.

Back at the house with some window light

I’ve decided to go ahead and offer the photo restoration services, so we’ve invested in a scanner and I am going to get on with scanning some of my old prints, negatives and slides. I bought an excellent book on various recovery techniques, so that should get me going.

Keith has been having some issues with his computer, with blue screens coming up and slow performance. I tried to scan the drive for errors and managed to get it going again, but this week there was another blue screen and it just would not boot up, even in safe mode. I tried a trick I read about on a forum some years ago, of putting the hard drive in the freezer for a few hours. I did this with a hard drive at work, and was advised to work quickly to get any important data backed up before it failed again once it warmed up. That drive continued for another two years. Unfortunately, Keith’s failed again a few hours later. A new hard drive might have been an option, but as happened with my machine a little while ago, the rest of the components were also quite old, so it’s like trying to make a silk purse from a sow’s ear. With that in mind, a trip to PC World resulted in a brand new shiny PC and monitor! I could have made one myself, but the price of components compared to ready-made these days make it hardly worthwhile, unless you really need to specify certain components. And it’s a question of time. With so much happening in our businesses now, we felt we just needed to get it sorted quickly.

So, that’s it for now.



  1. the second set are better i think. didn’t like 005a too cropped.

    the final b&w one is good as are the first two in that session

  2. I agree with Pete about the second set being better; and I really like the penultimate picture… The light for the first set doesn’t sound as they it was good at all though

    Some rather cute subjects..

  3. .

  4. Wow, that final one is impressive! She is adorable! Life seems to be coming along (despite pain in the butt hard drives!). At least you know what to do with them….

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