Posted by: digibirder | September 9, 2011


I hadn’t noticed the change, but when Keith was viewing my blog the other night, as he often does, he pointed out that there was an advert at the bottom of my post (when on the actual post page, not the main blog page). He wanted to view the comment, but he was also having issues with Internet Explorer and he couldn’t see either the comments or the comment box. Also the side panel links had disappeared. All he could see were the text and images of the post and then the ad at the bottom.

I looked at it in Firefox and had no problem seeing the ad or the comments. Keith is still having issues today, so it’s not a temporary issue. It seems that Internet Explorer might have some issue with these adverts, as I briefly saw an error message flag up before the page loaded. This is possibly due to some scripts in the ad. So, anyone viewing the blog in IE may not be able to leave comments, unless Keith’s issue is connected with some other problem.

I hadn’t noticed this ad before, as it does not appear when I am logged in to the blog, but I can definitely see it when not logged in. I thought it was a recent addition, and there are lots of recent comments regarding this on the WordPress forums, but some posts go back a couple of years, so it’s obviously been happening for some time. I have noticed a small banner ad occasionally, but these are huge square and obtrusive ads. The reasoning for the ads is, of course, for revenue, as they are providing these blogging platforms for free and have to pay for that somehow. I could pay a fee to remove the ads, but I have chosen not to take this option. WordPress say they only display these ads to a small percentage of viewers so it’s hard to tell how many people see them.

My only worry is that something inappropriate will appear, as has happened with some people. The ads are apparently relevant to certain keywords in the text, so I’d better be careful what I post!

Please note that any ads you see on this blog are placed here by I have no connection to or financial interest in any of the promoted products and gain no income from any advertising displayed on this blog.


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