Posted by: digibirder | August 14, 2011

Random ramblings

Oh, where does the time go?!! What with getting used to a new computer, updating my website, and trying to keep up with day-to-day things, the time has just flown by in a complete haze.

I haven’t really done much else over the past few weeks, but we did go up to York to take a look at a craft fair at the venue where I was due to go in November for two days. We spoke to a chap we’ve seen at a couple of other fairs, and he was at the one we did in Harrogate the previous week. He wasn’t doing much better at York, possibly due to the location of the venue, and so we’ve made the decision to cancel that one. I didn’t want to spend almost £100 and get very little sales again – it was too much of a risk in our current financial situation. I will still do the one in Wetherby in December – that’s only one day and a lot cheaper, and being nearer to Christmas we might just be lucky and get some good sales.

The priority really has to be getting started with my main objective – taking portraits and other commissions – so with that in mind, I have booked onto a couple more workshops in the next month or two. Keith has also decided to do another course, and is booked into a one-to-one with a framer in Wales, so we’re off there in a couple of weeks. They do bed and breakfast as well, so it will be a nice little break. I’ll go off taking some photos while Keith has his lessons. The course involves more advanced framing jobs, and also some business and marketing. Hopefully we’ll both then be raring to go.

Apart from the trip to York, we haven’t really moved very much, but we did have a little jaunt up to the Yorkshire Dales last week. I wasn’t actually feeling too good, but needed to get out for some fresh air. Keith had to call and collect some mountboard first, so we stopped off there and then carried on into the Dales. We were intending to fit in another location later, but I had had enough by mid-afternoon so we drove home. I didn’t really have a lot of enthusiasm, so I only took half a dozen images all day. At least we noted down some interesting locations for future reference. I need to get some images of that area ready for the fair in December.

So, here’s some random images from the last few weeks.

Semer Water – Wensleydale, the largest natural lake in Yorkshire

River Ouse, York

The Shambles, York

York Minster

The Rose Window, York Minster

Had a bit of a play with the macro lens in the garden – Alchemilla Mollis leaf with raindrops

I had been thinking of restoring old photos as one of the services I offer, but at the moment I don’t have a scanner so I’m unable to practise on my own images, but I asked permission and managed to have a bit of a play with some old images belonging to Pete that he posted on his blog a little while ago. I didn’t take too long with these, but with a bit more practice I’m sure I’ll get it a lot better.

Corrected white balance, cloned out a few spots and then sharpened

Repaired cracks using clone tool and healing tool, white balance, sharpen

Cloned out some spots and the strange light effect along the top, white balance, sharpen. For the final image I added an Action for PS Elements that I downloaded which is supposed to add some ‘pop’ to colour portrait images, but here I think it gives a nice sepia-type effect – hope you like them, Pete



  1. ooh they turned out well ta!

  2. They look fantastic! Nice to see you posting again!

  3. My goodness what an improvement; they all worked well.!!

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