Posted by: digibirder | May 30, 2011

Windy week in Wharfedale

Last week we had a well-needed break and headed off to the Yorkshire Dales with some friends to camp for a few nights. Our friends stayed three nights and we had five nights. Our campsite was Mason’s Farm at Appletreewick, which we last visited, with same friends, in June 2009. We met them in Ilkey so that we could shop for provisions, and then carried on to the site. Last time we were there we arrived on a Friday and stayed over the weekend, and it was very busy, but this time we started on Sunday so the weekend mob had all gone and we had the site virtually to ourselves.

There was quite a gale blowing, so we asked the site owner if we could pitch in the shelter of a wall, which she allowed us to do. It was still an effort to pitch, so the four of us ganged up to erect our folding camper first, and then we all tackled their tent. Eventually both units were pitched and we settled in and warmed up the chilli that Fiona had made that morning.

The weather put paid to any serious walking, but the following morning, after a very rocky night (and a bacon and egg roll for breakfast), we had a drive into Skipton. It was raining so we didn’t really fancy staying too long, so we did what we could and then headed back to the campsite. We did have a short walk along the riverbank that borders the site, but headed back when the clouds turned grey again. That evening we wandered up the road to the Craven Arms and had a delicious meal. Back to another windy night.

On the Tuesday the wind had eased slightly, so we managed to do a short walk around the village. We were supposed to be having a barbeque, but the weather was still a bit uncertain, so we cooked the food in our unit. It was still delicious.

Our friends were due to leave on Wednesday, but they didn’t have to go until later in the day, so we packed up their tent and then went over to the nearby Parceval Hall Gardens for a wander. We had been there last time we camped at Appletreewick, but decided to have another look round (and indulge in some cake and tea in the tea room!). The gardens are lovely and very well-kept, with paths winding through woodland and formal areas, giving wonderful views of the surrounding hills. The hall is not open for visitors.

Due to the inclement weather, I didn’t get any photos taken until the third day, but I remembered the images I took on our last visit. Strangely, I never blogged them at the time. I think I was going through a bad patch back then, so they were probably overlooked, along with another outing that I forgot about. Anyway, here’s a selection from both trips.

The River Wharfe near to the campsite

In Parceval Hall Gardens

Inside our new(ish) camper

Outside (obviously!)

Another storm brewing (even though the sun was shining)

From 2009 – preparing for a walk (we had the old Camp-Let trailer tent then, and the old car)

2009 – the River Wharfe near the campsite


2009 – old barn near Parceval Hall

2009 – the hall and part of the gardens


2009 – the view from one of the terraces in front of the hall

So, not very good with regard to the weather, but it was a pleasant short break and we will soon be planning the next one.

On our return, we were informed that our little visitor had been released back into the wild, apparently having been feeding itself and flying quite well. We have seen a young Robin in the garden, but could not recognise it as our little charge. Hopefully the neighbourhood cat and the visiting Sparrowhawk will leave well alone.



  1. some nice photos there Diane. Pity about the weather but that sky is dramatic!

  2. Rather a stormy break…. but the picture of that rather dark grey sky is very dramatic.

    Some beautiful views and Keith looks good too 🙂

    Glad to hear the young Robin was allowed to do what all young Robins do 🙂

  3. Love the bee and flower photo, nice portrait of hubby and that tent/trailer looks super! It’s so nice to hear that little Robin was released successfully- great surrogates eh?

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