Posted by: digibirder | May 13, 2011

All back to normal

We’re now online with our new Internet service provider and everything seems to be running smoothly (and quickly again) so far. It was a breeze setting up the router, and connecting the laptop and iPad through the wireless facility. Next comes my biggest task – reformatting the hard drives of both computers. They are both badly in need of a good clean up and reinstall to make things a little faster. At the same time, we might make some upgrades to the processor and memory, etc, so that will keep me busy for a while. I’m not sure when that task will be started, as I do need to get on with other things in preparation for moving the business on.

I went on another workshop earlier this week – posing and lighting. It was a very enjoyable day, but the speaker did tend to go off on a tangent now and again, and I don’t feel he included everything he should have on the two subjects. I came away a little disappointed, but I did learn something from the day, so it wasn’t all bad. You never know quite how good these workshops and seminars are going to be when you book them. They sound OK in the advertising blurb, but reality is sometimes quite different.

Some of you may remember my snowdrop photos from Hodsock Priory, and I mentioned in that post that I was entering one into their competition. Well I came in the top 10 and I have won a prize! See the competition page – mine is top row centre. I don’t know what the prize is yet, as I am still waiting for it to arrive. I couldn’t remember what image I’d sent, and I actually thought I’d come 2nd, as I have a very similar image to that one, but I am still thrilled to have won anything.

So, on with the catch-up.

Firstly, I had another visit to the dog breeder, once the dogs had been clipped, to take some more images. We were a little better organised this time, although they still ran riot around the garden as soon as they were let out. We did try taking one at a time out, and then we put the show leads on to keep them under (a bit of) control (in the final image the leads have been cloned out). This session wasn’t as successful as the first one, and I also discovered that I had forgotten to set the focus mode correctly, so I didn’t get as many keepers as last time.

Then we had a trip to Lincoln where we visited a picture framing supplies company that Keith had been told about, and with which he now has a trade account. We also had a wander round the city centre, including a slow walk up Steep Hill, had a bit of lunch, and then headed just out of town to visit our friends for the afternoon/evening.

For a few years I have been wanting to get some shots of the bright yellow oil-seed rape fields, but always seem to miss my chance for one reason or another. Sometimes the field itself looks good, but there isn’t any other focal point to make the scene look interesting. However, on my way to visit my sister I spotted the ideal location, so a few days later we headed there late one afternoon, after working out where the sun would be in relation to the direction of the image I wanted, with Edlington Church in the background.

I discovered there was a craft fair in Saltaire over the May Day bank holiday weekend, which was being hosted by a different organiser to the one I have booked with in July, so we had a little trip there to take a look. On the same trip we also went to Ilkley to have another try at some bluebell photos in Middleton Woods. Being a bank holiday, and good weather, it was quite busy but we managed to get some nice images. Keith decided to go the extra mile to get one of his images!

Looking for somewhere local to investigate, we decided to try Cusworth Hall near Doncaster – somewhere we haven’t been before. There is a museum in the hall, but we just had a wander round the gardens and sampled the cake and tea in the tea room.

And somewhere in among all this activity, we decided to have a nice juicy steak cooked on the barbecue. Washed down with a glass of red. Lovely!

So, I think that’s enough for now. Hopefully I will not leave it so long before my next update.



  1. Oh those little guys are adorable! And the photo with the town beyond the field and
    sculptured tree in the foreground is stunning. Sounds like you are keeping yourself busy!

    • Thanks, starr. There was a bit of haze the day I took that landscape with the town in the background (Doncaster), hence it looks a bit ‘flat’ to me. Looking at my folder of images, it appears I haven’t edited the images from that day! Oops!!

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