Posted by: digibirder | May 5, 2011

Busy, busy, busy!

I had been intending to update the blog sooner than this, and I even had all the images from various trips edited and ready to go. But we are in the process of changing our Internet provider, and the old one has now disconnected us and we are waiting on the new one to hook us up to the ether, which should be early next week. In the meantime I topped up the mobile broadband pay-as-you-go service and I am currently managing to get online via my laptop, but it’s incredibly slow so I am not even going to contemplate uploading images!

I’m getting things moving towards actually starting my business, but I really needed a better website, so that’s been my main objective over the past few weeks. I had sorted out the domain name, bought a WordPress photography template and I have now bought my hosting space. I have managed to get the site started, having taken some time to find my way around the template, but it’s now on hold until we get a faster Internet service back – this is like watching paint dry waiting for pages to load! Just like the olden dial-up days!!

Keith is getting his framing business going too. He’s rearranged the dining room/framing workshop – again – and raised one of the tables so he’s not bending so much. It’s now looking quite organised and tidy. We went to visit a framing supplies company in Lincoln a couple of weeks ago and they set him up a trade account. The difference in price compared to the items he bought from the company where he did the training is amazing. It’s about half the cost, and they deliver to our area for free, so the profit margins are going to be much higher. He was obviously being charged full price by the other company. It seems that doing a framing course does not automatically mean you are going into business, so they continue to charge retail prices for the supplies you subsequently buy from them. And Lincoln is easier to get to than High Wycombe, should we need to pay them a visit. Also, we have friends in Lincoln, so we can double up with a visit to them at the same time.

I have been on a couple of photographic workshops recently, one fairly local and one I had to travel some distance for, and I have another one next week, which again is quite local. I know you never really stop learning, but I think I might have enough information for the time being to actually start earning some money.

I’ve also done my first two craft fairs of the year, and both were dismal failures. The first one was with the same organiser as the ones I did last year in Pickering, but this one was in a different location. It was quite a lot busier than the ones I did last year, but there were still not many people actually buying. The second fair was with a different organiser in Sheffield. The problem was, the venue was not really in the main shopping area of the city, and it was a Bank Holiday weekend, so there weren’t many people around. I have other fairs planned, but I will have to rethink my strategy if they don’t work out.

Anyway, I think that’s enough for now, especially with no images to look at, so I will be back to update you on the other news when we have the new Internet service up and running.



  1. when you can’t get 3g mobile broadband it is painful! In London I can get speeds of 1-2mps and that is superb. Out here its dial up!! still handy for checking email if nothing else!

    Curiously when I was staying in Carmarthen my mobile broadband was really quick.

  2. Mobile broadband does test the patience of a saint… and I’ve neither patience nor am I a saint (not that either of those will come as a surprise).

    Funnily though, where Mum lives her reception for many things is poor, but mobile broadband seems to work reasonably well!!

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