Posted by: digibirder | February 20, 2011

Some overlooked images

In my rush to post the images of the dogs, I missed some images of a trip we did a couple of days previously. This was my second trip out with my new lens, and we went up to North Yorkshire and ventured into an area we hadn’t visited before. To start with we drove to Byland Abbey. Being an English Heritage property, it hadn’t yet opened for the season, so we just wandered round the boundary wall and then wandered up the lane by the car park.

We had taken some lunch with us, which is just as well, as the pub across the road from the abbey, which is also owned by EH, had shut down. Not just out of season, but because it had gone out of business.

After a brief wander round, we then drove into Northallerton. We have been here before, but we wanted to check out the location of the venue for my first craft fair of the year, in April. It looks to be a good place – a hotel right on the high street, and it’s on market day too, which should draw in the crowds. Let’s hope!

Dilapidated sign above the door of the deserted pub

Stone dog guarding the empty pub

Byland Abbey

An old barn up the lane from the abbey – this little door attracted me

I have been feeling a bit out of sorts this week, having started with a bad  cold last weekend. It’s more or less gone now, although I managed to pass it on to Keith, so he’s now suffering. Nevertheless, I felt well enough on Wednesday to venture out for some fresh air. We decided to go and see the snowdrop display at Hodsock Priory, near Blyth, Nottinghamshire. I used a mixture of the 24-105mm lens, and my Sigma 105mm macro lens, the only Sigma lens I decided to keep. It was a pleasant day, with quite a bit of sunshine, until we arrived back at the car and it just started to rain. We had a wander in the woodland, before strolling round the formal gardens. There were a few other photographers there, and unusually they allow the use of tripods. Luckily I had checked beforehand and took mine along, knowing I would want some macro shots. However, we did see one particular old chap giving little regard to where he was placing his feet or his body, standing on daffodils and snowdrops at the edge of the pathways in order to get the shot he wanted. We pointed out to him about stepping on one section of plants, but it had little effect, as every time we bumped into him he was stepping or laying on something else. He had taken a plastic bag along with him, and he laid this on the ground to get the low-down shots, but it was usually hanging over onto the edges of the planted area and he was crushing something to get his shot.

In between the woodland walk and the garden walk, we visited the tea-room and had a warming bowl of soup and a piece of cake and cup of tea. Hodsock is not normally open to the public, except during the snowdrop season – February to March – but they have another open day in May for the bluebells, so we may go down again for that.

The first seven images taken with Canon 24-105mm and remaining images taken with Sigma 105mm macro (but obviously not all macro images – it can be used as a normal lens too). They have a photo competition at the end of the snowdrop season, so I am thinking of entering one of these images. If you have any thoughts about which you think I should enter, please leave a comment with the image file name – hover over the image to get this. I do have a few more from the visit, but I think these are the best selection. If you visit the snowdrop website it gives details of the competion and shows last year’s winner and runners up to give you some idea of what they require.

Looking through some of the grand rooms of the house

One of several bee hives in this part of the garden

Many other plants in bloom, such as miniature cyclamen

And miniature iris

There was a lovely show of witch hazel

Some nice mini daffs too

Silver birch reflected in the lake

The collection has many different varieties of snowdrop

Trying to get a view from below

The house

A curious horse looking on as we walked back to the car



  1. the reflections work well

  2. image 247 – until I change my mind again…. or 244… really can’t choose between the two of them….doh

  3. I’m sure I’m too late but I rather like 0257! Beautiful all. Hope that things are well there?

  4. Thanks for the suggestions. Sorry I’ve been a bit lax with the blog and commenting and replying, etc. Been very busy, and not too energetic at the same time!

    I actually sent in image 272 in the end – the one between the witch hazel and the daffodil. We’ll see what happens.

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