Posted by: digibirder | January 25, 2011

I’m in shock!

Well, as I mentioned in my previous post, I had listed one of my lenses on eBay (very nervously, being my first time), with a view to selling almost all of them in order to fund a new Canon lens. I put it on an auction basis, set to last 10 days. There were six or seven people watching it, but then I received a message asking whether I had a buy-it-now price and could he collect as he lived nearby. I then had another message offering an amount for buy-it-now amount, but this was below what I was willing to take. I wasn’t sure whether I could change my listing, but someone on the help forum advised me what to do. I ended up getting back in contact with the local guy and naming a price, which he was happy with, and so the transaction went through and he arrived a little later with cash in hand!

One down, three lenses and a teleconverter to go. I had already listed them all on another classified website – Preloved – and I had an enquiry via that site. I arranged to meet up in Bakewell on Sunday with the interested buyer and he not only took the lens, but also the teleconverter. I could have got more on eBay for the lens, having watched three of the same lens fetch loadsa money, but it saved the hassle and paying the eBay and Paypal fees, which you have to take into account when selling.

In the meantime, I searched through the rest of my camera stuff and decided to list a very old Canon lens that I bought second-hand when I got my 10D in 2003, a Benbo tripod which had seen no further action than a trial in the house (it’s like wrestling with an octopus trying to get it set up), my 10D camera, my compact Canon A95, a backpack and a polarising filter (which I will no longer need, having sold the lenses that it fitted). In total I had nine items for sale. After the first lens sold, I changed the format to a buy-it now with best offer option. This option involves slightly lower fees for some reason. I was stung with a 10% final value fee for the first lens that sold via the auction format, but the final value fee for a lens of equal value that sold later in a buy-it-now format had a fee that was a third of that amount.

Anyway, the first lens sold while I was still listing the items. Then one by one, over the weekend, everything achieved either the price I had set, or there had been an acceptable offer made. I had added a little bit on to allow for offers being lower. The only thing I was a little silly with was adding enough postage, and I think I lost out a little there, but I’ve learned the lesson now. So we had a bit of a packing frenzy yesterday morning to get them round to the post office. I made a bit of a mistake, in that one chap had specified a different delivery address due to being away and I didn’t spot it in time, but hopefully it will be OK and the package will be waiting at the depot when he gets back.

I am now going through everything in the house with a view to getting rid of more unused and unwanted stuff, both photography items and household items, but the outcome of this current sale bonanza is that I now have enough to go and get my new Canon lens!!! I think the cheapest I’ve seen is at Jacobs photographic shop, but I am watching a few on eBay and there’s one about a year old and it would save me about Ā£100-Ā£150 on a new one. I need to make sure that all the items I sold are OK and that I am not going to get any returns before committing myself to buying, but I am so glad that I didn’t accept the offers I received on the lenses from the camera retailers. I’ve made nearly Ā£200 more than their quotes just for the lenses that they were going to take in part exchange, and then there’s the extra money I received for the additional items I listed.

Another piece of good news is that I submitted some more images to Alamy, having had my test submission accepted the other week, and they also passed quality control, so at least I can now get on with taking and uploading images for stock and this will hopefully become a profitable income stream once I have a substantial number of images online. It will be even better once I have my quality new lens.

We decided to get out at the weekend, and we booked to go to the Camping and Caravanning Exhibition in Manchester. We thought it would be an interesting day out, and we haven’t been to Manchester in a long time. After a stroll round the trade stands at the exhibition, and purchasing one or two ‘essential’ items, we then had a wander around the town centre. Certain parts had changed quite a bit, but we recognised some of it. We were going to have a meal there, but we hadn’t been as long in the exhibition as we thought, so we decided to pick up something from a supermarket and head home instead. Plus we were both exhausted from the mooching about.

I took a few photos, but I was a little restricted as I didn’t have a wide-angle lens, having just sold them all! So I just had my 50mm attached. I did have my 70-200mm with me, but that’s not really a lens for town centres either. My camera shoulder bag was becoming quite uncomfortable, having carried it around all day – I never really got on with this bag, and will probably put it on eBay this week – and has luck would have it, we came upon a Crumpler store so I decided, after much deliberation, to treat myself to a new camera bag, for when I don’t want to take the whole backpack-full of equipment with me.

The images are not too exciting as it was quite a dull day and the sky was mostly a bland shade of grey. I couldn’t do anything with the final image so I decided to convert it to black and white.

St Ann’s Square

The fountain in the middle of the previous image

A very old pub with a modern office block at the back

More modern architecture – converted to b&w

I’ve applied for a couple of jobs this week, but I am not holding out much hope. There’s nothing available that excites me, or that I am qualified for, so I don’t really know what I will do. The photo business is going to take some time to get off the ground, that’s for certain, but once I get my new lens I will at least be up and running with some quality kit and that should, hopefully, enable me to get some better-quality images. I just have to get my name and services out there.



  1. lenses are a result! cash in the hand is better than any promise!

    curiously this southerner has been to St Ann’s the church would have been worth a detour!

    • I’m pleased as punch about selling the lenses. I have a few more things lined up now to take photos of and get on as soon as I can.

      St. Ann’s Church – I was standing right in front of it taking the first image and it is in the background of the second image. It is a magnificent building, but we didn’t go inside.

  2. Good work! Now off to get that lens! Love the aged look of the B and W!

  3. Great news ….. and something exciting too šŸ˜€ Good also about your pics passing quality control… on you way now šŸ˜€ Looking forward to seeing the results of your new lens šŸ˜‰

  4. ooops should be “on YOUR way now” …

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