Posted by: digibirder | January 14, 2011

Slowed down a bit

I’m not really getting this year off to a very good start. The weather has not been kind enough for long enough to go too far, so we’ve mainly been staying in and vegetating. I’ve tried to get some more business plans into action, but struggling a bit to get going. It’s not been helped that I have had rather too many migraines to cope with, which slows me down even more. I seems to be after I’ve eaten bread, but only sometimes, but this has been a suspicion for some time, so I’ll have to stop eating it and see how I get on.

I have been getting some quotes for all my Sigma lenses that I want to sell/part-ex, but they are a little paltry to say the least, so I’ve taken the leap and placed one on eBay to see how I get on. It’s my first sale, although I have purchased a few items from several of the eBay sellers – not via an auction process. I am a little nervous about it, as I have read that there are all sorts of scams going on, but I am relying on the fact that there are obviously thousands of transactions every day that work fine, so hopefully mine will go through without too much bother. I have been watching auctions for some lenses similar to mine and they have sold for good prices so I should get more this way than through camera retailers offering peanuts for them. I have checked my account and there are no bids yet, but there are five people ‘watching’ the item. I suspect there may be a mad bidding war at the end of the auction. I hope so anyway.

We decided to venture out the other day, even though it was grey and damp. I have been thinking about more craft fairs this year, and the organiser I went with last year for the three fairs I did in Pickering has a new venue in Saltaire, which is a very popular tourist area near Bradford, so we went along to take a look at that. The venue is in a good spot in the village, just up the road from the famous Salts Mill. He stated in his newsletter that he has stopped the fairs in Pickering, so all the traders must have complained at the lack of customers and earnings.

I took a few photos around the village, but it was very dull and miserable. I only took two lenses with me – the Canon 50mm f/1.8 and a very old lens that I don’t use, a Canon 38-76mm which I bought from a cash converter shop at the same time as I bought my Canon 10D from the Jacobs shop next door. The images below were taken with this lens, and they are not too bad, apart from a lot of noise and purple fringing where trees meet sky. It only cost me £40 and I did some research into it recently and discovered that it was the kit lens for a low-end Canon camera way back in the day. Kit lenses do not have the best reputation for being good quality, but some people find them OK. Not sure whether to keep this one or eBay it. The maximum aperture is only f/4.5 so it’s not the fastest of lenses.

I’ve also looked on eBay for the Canon lens I want to buy, 24-70mm f/2.8 L, and there are some second-hand ones for sale at very good prices, so I might think about going down that route when I’m ready to buy.

One bit of good news is that I managed to get my initial Alamy image submissions approved, so I can now start uploading more images to them for sale. When I manage to get out and take some, that is. Stock photography is a totally different ball game to taking images for your own pleasure, or even to sell at fairs. The type of image they want is very different to the norm, so I’m having to get my thinking cap on about what to submit. Hopefully it will add a bit of extra income, although I need to get plenty more uploaded before I see any returns. And I need to produce images of the highest quality in order to get past quality control, for which I need that new Canon lens!!

Bridge over the canal

Saltaire United Reformed Church

Salts Mill



  1. good luck with e-bay

    Saltire? the place built by titus salt right?

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