Posted by: digibirder | December 12, 2010

It’s gone!

What a difference a few days make. A slight rise in temperature and the snow has just about disappeared. The day after my previous post we decided to get the car out of its snowy tomb. We managed to clear the driveway to the road and we then drove to a local supermarket, which is not too far away. The main roads were still a bit treacherous, where the gritting had not reached and snow had not been cleared properly, but we managed. Well, we had to really, as we were running out of food. After that expedition we again remained confined to barracks for a few days.

On Thursday, my two hired lenses arrived, very late in the day due to the backlog of deliveries that the depot had to deal with. The following day, as there had been a bit of a thaw, we decided to head out somewhere to test them. We managed to get as far as Bridlington, on the east coast of Yorkshire. The main roads were fine, but some of the side roads had still not been treated or cleared. It was also quite difficult to walk on the pavements in the town. The pier had been closed for safety reasons and much of the harbour area was still under ice and snow. We went to the two fish and chip restaurants where we had eaten in the past, but both were closed, so we found one that was open, but it wasn’t that good. We then walked where we could and I managed to get a few photos. These were taken with the EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS.

As we wandered towards the harbour we came across a small flock of Turnstones searching for scraps in the snow

This one was just about to jump back to the ground

Ruffled feathers

A moment before, the pigeon (in the hole) was standing right on the edge, but when he saw the camera he retreated inside

Not many boats around

Not many people on the beach

Trying to get some detail in order to check out the sharpness of the lens

I liked the shadows coming off the breakwater and leading the eye down to the sea

This was where we parked – just off the seafront. It was inch-thick solid ice and even the pavement was no better – took ages for us to walk along the road, holding on to walls on the way

Yesterday I had my portrait workshop in Leeds with Mike Lester. I can’t show any images from that, as I had to sign an agreement not to publish them anywhere. I can say that the day was most informative and I came away with a much better understanding of lighting and use of flash. And the images from the 24-105mm lens were again amazing quality.

Keith came with me to Leeds, but he spent some time in the city centre while I was at the workshop. I caught the bus in to town to meet him later on and we intended to stay a while and visit the Christmas Market. I wanted to go to the Lincoln Christmas Market last week, but it was cancelled due to the bad weather, so we thought we’d give this one a try, in order to get some festive images. Unfortunately, there were so many people and it was all packed in a bit tight, that it was rather difficult to get any good shots.

We had a wander round the market soon after I arrived in the city centre, partaking of a warming cup of mulled wine and then a German sausage sandwich (not much else to choose from, really!). Then we went for a wander round the town before returning to the market at dusk. I managed to get a few night shots before some jobsworth came up to me and told me I needed a permit to take photographs. I responded by saying that as it was public thoroughfare there was no law to say I could not take photos. Anyway, he explained that when there is an event taking place it is classed as ‘licenced’. It’s to stop professional photographers selling images. As I was using what he called a ‘professional camera’ I had to stop. He then muttered something about being careful ‘in this day and age’ – presumbly a vague reference to terrorists or paedophiles – so whether he was making it up as he went along, I don’t know. Anyway, I’d already managed to get quite a few images, and I was struggling to get good viewpoints, so we left and got the bus back to where we left the car. Strangely, on our walk around the city centre, I took some images in one of the Victorian shopping arcades, which is private property, and managed to take a photo or two right under the nose of one security guard!

All these shots were taken with the 16-35mm f/2.8 L lens.

I’ve seen the light!

A Christmas tree of glitter balls – my reflection can be seen in the middle of each of the balls

Another shopping arcade

And another

Back at the market

One last shot before being stopped!

I’ve got to get out with the lenses tomorrow, as they have to be posted back on Tuesday. I’ve wasted today as I haven’t moved out of the house at all. I got the flashguns ready to have a play, but never got round to it. Still, I know that I want to get one of these lenses that I’ve rented this past few weeks, but which one?



  1. My favs are the breakwater shadows and the Christmas tree reflections!

  2. Hi Diane. Glad to hear you’re getting further afield after the part-thaw. We are too. Of today’s shots the one that jumps out at me is Bar 24 – clear, simple and with a touch of intrigue!


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