Posted by: digibirder | December 1, 2010


OK, this is getting silly now. More snow overnight and it’s not going to be easy to get anywhere. We were going to go into Sheffield today, but there’s chaos on the main routes and motorways, the buses and trains have all stopped and there are warnings not to travel unless absolutely necessary. Since it was only to renew library books and have a gander at some outdoor clothing, and possibly take some photos, we’ve decided to stay put.

I thought I might have a wander around the village to take some photos, as I did at the beginning of the year when it snowed, but the conditions outside are blizzard-like and visibility might be a problem. Having said that, as I type it is actually brightening up. Half an hour ago the view was as below. I might see how it goes and risk a little wander later.

A neighbour’s car not going very far

Even the garden birds are having a difficult time

Not much visibility over the rooftops

So, photos through the window are as far as I go today, unless a miracle happens and the weather improves.


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