Posted by: digibirder | November 29, 2010

Must be mad!

I’d had a telling off on Facebook on Saturday from my photographer friend, Doug Chinnery, who exclaimed that I should have gone out in the snow to get some photos instead of staying in the warm. To be fair, there wasn’t that much of the white stuff where we are, but it snowed again overnight and it looked a bit more promising. So, with that chastisement ringing in my ears, we braved the icy roads and freezing temperatures and headed out to the Peak District on Sunday.

After de-icing the car windows we set off – carefully. It was a lovely sunny day, but the temperature gauge in the car, supposedly giving the outside temperature, was showing -7 degrees. It gradually warmed up to -4. The main roads were OK, but some of the minor routes were a bit scary-looking. We managed to park on the road above Padley Gorge and had a pleasant wander in the woods down by the stream. There were quite a few other photographers out and about. We then walked through the National Trust Longshaw Estate and up to the tearoom. The intention was to have some lunch, but it was quite busy and we couldn’t see a spare table. We initially decided not to bother and thought about going elsewhere, but eventually it emptied and we managed to get a table. A nice warming bowl of soup and a slice of cake and a pot of tea went down very well!


Trying some macro in the garden following a fall of snow

This chap was just over the wall from where the car was parked – I think he was hanging around in case anyone dropped any food

No ice-cream van today

Icy grasses

I loved the way the ice had formed on this  grass

The snow was standing up in these strange formations

The first two images were taken with my Sigma 105mm macro lens on Saturday, but Sunday’s images were Canon only – all but the last one being with the 70-200mm f/4 IS lens and the final one with the 50mm f/1.8.



  1. Amazing shots..

  2. the poor quacks!!

    • They did look rather miserable. Mind you, they moved shortly afterwards and came towards us, thinking we had some food.

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