Posted by: digibirder | November 26, 2010

The north wind doth blow…

…and yes, we had snow! But not where we live, so we went on a little trip yesterday to find some. It had fallen on the eastern side of the county, so we headed to the North York Moors, but we  didn’t come across any of the white stuff until just beyond York. By the time we reached Pickering we were in a blizzard!! Keith suggested going to Whitby, but we were a little wary of the road over Fylingdales moor, so we took the Scarborough road and ended up going all the way there. We were going to head for Whitby up the coast road, but another blizzard put a stop to that, and we settled on going back into Scarborough. As we arrived a snow-storm was coming in off the sea, but by the time we parked the car on the seafront it had passed over and the sun was shining. The town was deserted, although a few brave souls had decided to turn out.

I’d gone with the intention of getting some wintery images, and getting the most from the last day with my rented lens. We did pass some wonderful snowy scenery, but with nowhere to pull over and park. And where there was parking, the views were not all that spectacular. And we did go through some rather heavy snow flurries, putting paid to any activity outside the comfort and warmth of the car. Our suspicion of the Fylingdales road was confirmed when we watched the local news later on in the evening – it had been closed off earlier in the day. So, after a tray of chips from one of the few chip shops open (and being harrassed by gulls and pigeons), I managed to take a few snaps of the South Beach. There was a bit of snow on the hills in the distance and the clouds kept bringing in a flurry or two.

Regrettably, the 24-70 f/2.8 L lens has gone back today, but I have already ordered the 24-105mm f/4 L IS to try. I will only have that one for a long weekend, though, so I will have to make good use of the time with it. I have another portrait workshop that weekend, so it will come in useful for that. I am seriously thinking that I need to get another good Canon lens, but I need to decide which of my Sigma lenses to get rid of, if not all of them! I have certainly been impressed with the sharpness of the 24-70mm, but I am going to run through some tests with my Sigma lenses to see if anything can be done with them.

I also need to get my head around the use of flash. I’ve had a read (several times) through the manual of the Canon 580EX that I got a few weeks ago, and it’s like a foreign language. I’ve had a bit of trouble getting to grips with what settings I need to use, but hopefully it will all sink into place soon, as I want to get on with some (paid) portrait sessions next year.



  1. can you keep the snow up there!!

    I want to go to Whitby (the church is on the list) and you’re persuading me with your pics.

    on lenses. has someone been playing with your mind 😉

    • Well, this is Scarborough, but it’s not that far away!

      On lenses – yes, you have!!

      • scarborough has a church on the list as well 😉

  2. Oooh lovely pics and looks great up there in Scarborough 😀 and I agree with Pete – please don’t be generous with any snow 😉

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