Posted by: digibirder | October 24, 2010

New toy!!

I was a little shocked when Keith finished on a phone call last week. I heard him mention to the caller that we had been to a retirement party the week before and he was saying to them that he’s never won anything before. When he put down the phone, he said he’d won an iPad!! Not knowing who he’d been talking to at this stage, I asked if he meant an iPod, which in itself would have been amazing (although not that exciting because Keith bought himself one for his birthday and I already have an adequate mp3 player), and then I wondered if the call was a con, but he confirmed it was, indeed, an iPad and that it was the Neurosupport charity that had been present at the retirement party we went to in Liverpool the other week. Keith had bought a book of prize draw tickets from them at the party. Anyway, he arranged for it to be posted the following day and we have been playing with it testing it all week. It has wi-fi capability and there are some apps already installed, including a great mapping system using Google Earth, but I am investigating other available apps, particularly the photography-related ones. We bought a protective case for it, but we haven’t yet bought the gizmo required for downloading photos (another £25 – Apple really know how to make you spend more money on their accessories), although I have downloaded some images from my computer. I will probably use the iPad instead of a laptop to display some images at the next craft fair, as it will take up less space.

I’m still not feeling so great – sometimes not getting enough sleep, and I’ve been having quite a few headaches lately – but I’m trying to stay positive. We decided to have a trip to Chatsworth House in the Peak District on Friday to get some fresh air and exercise. A wander through the parkland blew away a few cobwebs. We really wanted to see whether there was any autumn colour in the trees yet, but they probably have another couple of weeks to go before they are ready. While we were wandering around, another visitor pointed out a Fallow Deer resting under some trees, and then we found a couple more nearby and in the other direction a herd of Red Deer, where the stags were bellowing and the dominant one was chasing off all interlopers. I had the 50mm lens on, so I quickly changed to the Canon 70-200mm. For the first shot of the Fallow Deer I set up the tripod, but for the remainder I hand-held, remembering to switch on the image stabilisation after a couple of shots. This was its first proper use in the field, and I have to say I am quite impressed.

We followed this with a meal in a pub, but it turned out to be quite ordinary, and Keith thought the beer was off, and I woke in the night with a major headache and then vomited. So we won’t be returning there again!



  1. lovely crisp photos. quality lenses do show don’t they!!

    keep smiling.

    oh nice one on the “gadget”!!

  2. Lovely photos! Oohh, I want an IPad! A friend of mine was just showing me theirs and the picture quality was amazing! You can watch video’s on it, read books (ibooks is a great free app)… I am so excited for you- a much needed break!

  3. I always enjoy your pictures and the tree + bridge and the last landscape are great 😀 Seems a good lens to have.

    What a wonderful new toy to have too….

    (Sorry to hear you’re still not up to par.. fingers crossed you will be more up soon)

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