Posted by: digibirder | September 30, 2010

More waterfalls

I seem to post quite a few waterfall images. I’m not sure why I’m drawn to them as a subject, but I do like the effect on water when taken with a long exposure. This particular waterfall, Scaleber Force, near Settle in the Yorkshire Dales, was a nightmare to get to, involving almost a scramble down a very steep path. I managed it with a bit of help from Keith (and not helped by the tripod and backpack I was carrying), then we had to try and get back up again! Unfortunately, a tree had fallen into the river and was spoiling the view of the whole waterfall, so I had to move around to get images without it. It was a very cold day, but quite bright, so I tried to find viewpoints that didn’t include the sky in the photos, as it would have been a burned-out mess. I think the sun was coming in at the wrong angle too, casting some shadows in the wrong places. It was almost mid-day, so not the best time for taking photos. I’ll have to go again, if I can face the mountaineering act to get down there!!

Also last weekend I went on a caravan manoeuvering course, in the hope that we would be able to get our new camper into position, should we ever need to perform any reversing when pitching. Keith decided I would go, as he thought I would pick it up easier, and then teach him. The course was held at Newark Showground by the Camping and Caravanning Club. The morning consisted of a talk followed by some straight reversing, then after lunch we went out for the more advanced reversing round corners (or a pole in a traffic cone).

They do say that reversing a caravan is actually easier than with a smaller trailer, and the instructor did say that I would find our folding camper slightly different in handling. However, I managed to perform all the tasks with ease, even earning praise from the instructor and the other three members of my group (all male). They thought I must have done it before, and in the final test the instructor moved the cones closer together to make it more difficult for me! Anyway, I showed them how it should be done!! I didn’t have my camera with me, but the instructor said to get out my mobile phone and take a photo. They all lined up to give me a bow. We had such a good laugh, and the instructor was great, but it was VERY cold on that airfield.

Close or what!

On Monday I had a very informative workshop with Doug Chinnery on how to make money with a photography business. He very kindly put this on as an extra, as I missed the one he did a couple of months ago. This is the fourth workshop I have been on with Doug (three theoretical and one practical) and I can thoroughly recommend him as a tutor. I now have a plan of action to move the business forward, and hopefully I will be posting success stories very soon.



  1. you do the waterfalls rather well!

  2. Wow – beautifull Digi… Especially the fourth one….

    And well done with the driving 😀

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