Posted by: digibirder | September 3, 2010

Gone to ‘L’

Well, the first bit of news is that I have decided to quit my job. The hours almost killed me, but that was, to be fair, my fault for picking the wrong shift pattern. I did ask to change and it was agreed that I could move to the more sociable shifts, but there were other aspects of the job that I just couldn’t take. As it was a call-centre position, there were certain rules you had to adhere to, such as being logged into your phone bang on the time of your shift. Only allowed to go to the toilet during your alloted break time. Only 20 minutes for lunch (1 hour breaks total for the day). Certain time contraints on how long you stay on a call and then similar for writing the report on the call, so you’re hurried up if you take too long. This resulted in people trying to rush in order to achieve their call quota, and consequently not writing up a thorough enough report so that when the person rang again (as they invariably had to do) the next person taking the call couldn’t easily decipher the whole saga and so the caller would have to explain their problem again. I couldn’t see myself keeping up with the call quotas, as I wanted to make sure that I gave a more thorough support. I was getting quite frustrated with it, so after my first late shift – finishing at midnight (crawled into bed just after 1am, Keith already tucked up asleep), which made me so ill the following day, I decided enough was enough. I took in my notice letter, but one of the managers refused to take it and she had a chat with me (I was quite upset at having failed) and I was given the weekend to think about it. I didn’t really know what to do, as we did need the money, but in the end I decided it wasn’t for me and delivered the letter. I will continue to look for something else and hopefully it won’t take too much of a toll on my time as this one did.

Anyway, back to the real world…

I’m back in the photo business again and continuing the planning where I left off before I was rudely interrupted by a proper job. I have another craft fair in November and I am going to be getting some of my photos framed for that. Being fairly close to Christmas, it might make this one a bit more lucrative than the last two. I am also going to advertise in the local paper for portrait models – children, pets, etc. I will do a free shoot and give them one print from that and hopefully they may buy some extra ones. But it’s really so that I can get lots of practice without the pressure of having to get it perfect to start with. And I have some new toys to play with. Keith has used some of his pension money to get me a Canon EF 70-200mm f4 L IS lens,  my first Canon ‘L’ lens (hence the title of this post), and a Canon 580EXII flashgun.

I had booked a couple of days holiday from work prior to deciding to quit, so we decided to have a short break over the bank holiday weekend and we went camping in Wales. The forecast was quite good, but being Wales it turned out to be a bit different. We had some rain, but it wasn’t as bad as some of our past visits, and we still had a good break. We camped on a site called Barcdy near Harlech, which was very pleasant. On Sunday we went a drive around the Lleyn Peninsula. Here are some images:

Criccieth Castle

Storm brewing over the bay

Then into lovely sunshine in Aberdaron

We then passed this tranquil lake with views of Mount Snowdon in the distance

Keith preparing the barbecue

That ‘gin and tonic’ feeling!

And finally…

We have decided to upgrade the trailer tent for a folding camper (we wanted one originally but couldn’t afford it at the time) and today we went to view, and ordered, a Conway Countryman which we collect next week (and we’ll possibly have another few days away somewhere to try it out). We had a very special price on this as it was an order that someone cancelled after paying the deposit. So the trailer tent has now been put up for sale. In addition, because this is a heavier unit, we have also had to upgrade the car (which we were thinking of doing fairly soon anyway) in order to pull it, so tomorrow we collect our new Hyundai i30 Edition 1.6 diesel.

It’s all go…



  1. Wow – it’s all certainly happening in your world at the moment. Somehow I didn’t see you as a “call centre person” but even so I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you – pity there aren’t more like you dealing with our queries ’cause that we certainly keep the calls down 😀

    The new camping vehicle and means of pulling it sound really good and I’m sure they’ll give great excitement (I seem to remember you saying no camping in January but perhaps….. lol)

    So glad you’re still pursuing the photography and good thinking about framed pics and (says it quietly) Christmas.

    Really like all your pics but the sublime expression on K’s face had me in hysterics! 😀

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