Posted by: digibirder | July 9, 2010

Good news… I think!

Well I think I went a little mad with that previous post. Having no images also makes it look very boring. I’ll try harder next time.

To continue a little longer on the photo-less posts:

We managed to get the smashed car window replaced on Monday, so that wasn’t too bad. Just a £50 excess on the insurance. A bit annoying, since nothing was taken – it was just a mindless act as far as I can see.

As for the job application I submitted – I had a telephone call on Tuesday to ask a few questions, at the end of which the lady informed me that she would like to invite me for a further interview and some assessments at their headquarters. This was arranged for Thursday (yesterday) and the job is a technical support advisor for an Internet service provider – basically it’s a call-centre job, but not sales. It turned out to be a bit of a communal interview, as there were a few others there at the same time, some for tech support and some for basic customer support. For the written tests we were seated on adjoining desks to assess and comment on some support queries and their answers, then we had separate one-to-one interviews, then a call-test to see how we would deal with an irate caller, then a group session where we had to discuss with each other how we would address a particular problem, then the technical support applicants had a technical questionnaire to complete. The whole thing took about three and a half hours. I was shattered. I really thought I had messed up on the call test and the tech questions, but something must have gone well as I had a call not long after arriving home to tell me I’d passed and they offered me a job. Mind you, they haven’t sent the confirmation yet!! Anyway, all being well, I start on the 26th of July. There are four weeks of training and then I will see what my shifts will be. There might be some early starts, but if the job proves to be OK we may think about moving a bit closer to Sheffield.

To tell the truth, I was hoping I didn’t get it, as I was really intending to take off with the photography biz, so I took a bit of a blasé attitude – not trying too hard, really. I am not sure, but I think I might have caught their attention in the group discussion test. The test was a bit strange – your plane carrying 16 people and various belongings has crash-landed and the life raft only holds 15 people safely. We had to decide in what order to ditch all the belongings – firstly on our own and then as a group. When it came time for the group discussion, nobody seemed to want to speak, so I set the discussion rolling and was therefore deemed to be the spokesperson. There was no right or wrong answer; I think they just wanted to see how we all interacted.

There are a few perks with this job, not least of which is an on-site gym – free to use – so I checked the terms of my brand new gym membership that I signed for last week, and there is a 10-day cooling off clause, so I delivered a letter this morning cancelling that. No need paying for something I don’t need.

I am currently trying to get things ready for the Pickering craft fair on the 17th, but I hope to get some images for my next post. However, we are meeting up with Pete on Monday when he ventures oop north for yet another of his holidays, so there may be some photos from our trip. We initially thought we might make a weekend of it and camp somewhere nearby, then we decided that we would just go for the day, but I think we’re coming round to the camping option again, perhaps for a couple of nights. Looking forward to having a break – our first of the year. We might even be able to afford a proper holiday soon, once I start getting paid.



  1. Glad the windscreen’s fixed and yes, seems mindless act of vandalism.

    Congrats with the job and fingers crossed for a “proper” holiday for you both 😀

  2. Well done on the job – doesn’t stop you developing your photography….

    bet you were more relaxed at the interview then….oh thats an old but good discussion starter – defo to do with group dynamics and roles that people adopt in groups!


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