Posted by: digibirder | July 4, 2010


Our neighbour came round this morning to inform us that one of our car windows had been shattered. Someone had smashed the rear passenger window and then just left it – no other damage, nothing taken from inside the car. I had a wander along the estate and found someone else clearing glass from his driveway and picking the loose bits of glass from the car door. He’d had his satnav pinched. I fail to see why they smashed our rear window. There was nothing on the back seat and the front door catch can’t be reached from there. We take the radio out when we leave the car, so they weren’t after that. We rang the insurance company and then a glass repair contractor, but they can’t come until tomorrow evening. In the meantime, we’ve driven the car close up against our neighbour’s wall so that no one can get in. We have to move it early in the morning, though, as she needs to get her car out of the garage to go to work. It’s put some of Monday’s plans on hold now, as we can’t leave the car unattended anywhere.

In between the World Cup matches, I’ve managed to watch a bit of Wimbledon, but it’s all becoming a bit predictable. Once again, British hopes were quashed as Andy Murray lost out to Rafael Nadal. Nadal then went on to win the final, but it was a bit of a walk in the park for him against his Czech opponent Tomas Berdych. A Federer/Nadal final would probably have been a bit more of a nail-biter, but he went out in the quarter finals to Berdych. Nadal apparently has a few superstitions and rituals before and during his matches, but I do find it strange how he seems to always have trouble with his undergarments. He’s constantly reaching behind to pull his shorts, or what’s underneath, out of his butt crack! I’ve never seen any other player have so much trouble with clothing.

The ladies’ final was always going to involve one, if not both, of the Williams sisters. Again, that final was a walk-over for Serena. The problem with ladies’ tennis is that sometimes it is over too quickly.

Unlike the longest match in history which happened this year, eventually reaching 70 games to 68 in a fifth-set tie-breaker. This was a men’s singles match, which I didn’t see any of, but it lasted three days.

And I am getting quite frustrated with doubles – both mixed and same-sex – due to all the hand-slapping and high-fiving that goes on these days. Even the losing pair seem to want to congratulate one another when one of their shots goes out and they lose the point. What’s that all about?

We went out on Friday, but I didn’t get any photos. As I had been rewarded with yet more redundancy money, we decided to have a bit of a treat, so we went for a short walk around the perimeter path of Harewood House (not too far, as Keith has a bad knee) then went on to Ilkley where we again went to Monkman’s restaurant for lunch (can’t find a website for them). We went there a few weeks ago,  and enjoyed the fixed price lunch very much, so we had the same menu this time, but chose different dishes to last time. It’s a little bit nouvelle cuisine, but the portions are not too stingy. They have some nice wines, too.

I got the extra money because of a mix up on the part of our previous employer. Before being given a full-time contract, I had been employed for almost three years on a self-employed basis, which is apparently against the law. I could have worked for another company during that time, but I didn’t as there was plenty of work for me there to keep me occupied five days a week. So in total I had been there six years. The Redundancy Office judged that this time should be taken into account for the payment of redundancy so I got another payment. Yippee. Not that any money has come from our employer – they went down the tubes so it’s no skin off their nose how much I was awarded.

I’ve actually got a job application in progress at the moment, but in the meantime I am still planning world domination with my own photography business. I have some images to prepare for my next craft fair, which is in Pickering in a couple of weeks. And I’ve joined a local business club in order to do a bit of networking. I am the only photographer member, so I have a bit of a monopoly there! We’ll see what happens at the next meeting – a summer barbecue. I might offer to take some ‘official’ images of the attendees then make a charge for all orders.

Also, I’ve decided to get fitter and lose some weight, so I’ve given myself a kick-start by signing up for a three month period (initially) at a local gym. I’ve got a discount on membership with my Passport to Leisure card (for the unemployed), so I go for my gym induction tomorrow and then I might also go swimming a couple of times a week. I am hoping it will also help to improve my mood. I am trying to keep positive, but I sometimes struggle to get through the day. I know I felt better the last time I went to the gym on a regular basis.

So, new start tomorrow. Onward and upward!



  1. Golly – that’s some post Digi. Mindless hooligans is the only polite way I can think of describing such diabolically senseless behaviour.

    Glad to hear you got a bit more redundancy pay and you had a treat as a result.

    Well done on joining a gym but I can’t think that you need to lose weight!!

    Fingers crossed with the job app… take care, T.

  2. Hi Digi

    you are a very accomplished photographer I think your future could well be in photography. You have an eye and I have seen enough sellable pics for the great unwashed I think you need to persue this line..
    birders might be also involved with your bird pics…have a look at other sites…yes u are up against it but you know what is liked..dont try too much in the upper sections yet – get the money!

    Keith will know what I am saying he has probably been saying to you for years!

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