Posted by: digibirder | June 22, 2010

Hey ho!

Not much to tell you really. I haven’t been anywhere interesting; I haven’t taken any photos; in fact, I’ve been pretty much plodding along this past week or so.

I’m still trying to decide whether to change my website from Photium to WordPress. I have struggled with getting certain things done with the existing Photium website, but then again I’ve struggled with  certain aspects of the WordPress site I’m creating offline. The current site will cost £80 to renew in August, but with the WP site I need to buy some hosting space, which will be in the region of £50 for the year. I am using a free WP template, but I have considered purchasing one, which may be more flexible with customisation. I need to find out whether it can accommodate a gallery, though, and without too much hassle. On the test site still in production, I have now managed to get a photo gallery to function, after a fashion, but it still needs some work. Being open source, it’s hard finding proper instructions for WordPress and all its plug-ins, although the WP help forums are pretty good. It’s bad enough getting to know a particular theme, but then to add a gallery plug-in and a slideshow plug-in – it all gets a bit much sometimes.

I have booked three more craft fairs. These will be at the Memorial Hall in Pickering, in July, August and September. There was one there last weekend so we went for a little jaunt to see what it was like. There were three photographers there, but I have managed to find out that only one of them will be there for at least the July and August fairs. I am going to get more photos printed and mounted for these fairs, rather than having only a small collection and lots of greetings cards. Keith is going to build me some print browsers, so we went to pick up some MDF offcuts today. We also went over to Fabworks mill shop in Dewsbury last week to have a look at their huge selection of materials, and I managed to get some offcuts of fabric for my display table. The widest material they had was snooker-table baize! It’s very green.

The solar panel company have started to fit our free roof panels this week. There was a slight problem in that they are waiting for a shipment of panels to arrive, so they came to fit the brackets and do the electrics. They will be back next week to fit the panels, which are still on a slow boat from China. Another problem is that some of the scaffolding overhangs our neighbour’s land, and the man working on the roof thought he was within our boundary and consequently placed the end brackets on said neighbour’s roof! She is not too pleased, but they have said that they will rectify the problem.

I hope to get out and about again soon, and hopefully have more to say and some images to go with it.



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