Posted by: digibirder | June 13, 2010


In the end I decided not to exhibit at the Gainsborough craft fair last week, but I did have a small section of my sister’s exhibition table at her village fair yesterday. There were certainly a lot more people about at this event. I was a little disappointed at only having sold two cards by mid-afternoon, but then a lady came to my little corner and looked at my large mounted images that were on the windowsill behind me. She wanted a closer look at the Arctic Tern image that adorns the header of this blog. It was printed at A4 with a cream mount, but it was on cheap paper, as it had been printed some time ago for a library exhibition organised by the camera club I used to attend, therefore they were only there for display – not to sell. However, I offered to do one to order on better paper and offered her a choice of a different colour mount. She opted for black and agreed to order it, and happily paid me £20 on the spot!

I also devised (well, copied) a questionnaire designed to elicit answers regarding buying decisions when choosing a portrait photographer. I am selecting some of the responses to win a free portrait session. I know it’s not paid, but I am unsure of my proficiency at the moment, so feel a little guilty charging. At least this will help with building my portfolio.

I also had a long conversation with another photographer exhibiting at the show, who was very encouraging, telling me to just get going with what I already have.  She had a white sheet set up as a background and was doing children’s portraits, editing them on a laptop and then printing the images on a tiny portable printer and putting them in a card folder. I might pinch that idea too, although my sister had already mentioned this to me a while ago. The portraits were very basic, so I reckon I could manage to do the same, although she also has a studio and does more professional portraits, and weddings.

Anyway, my sister’s friend was also exhibiting on the stand next to me. She is a trained sugarcraft expert and normally exhibits her wonderful wedding cakes, but this year she had made some smaller cakes and some cupcakes. I thought I’d have a little play with some food photography, using my new flashgun. Enjoy!

I’m not sure where I’m going next. I have enquired about some craft fairs in the Yorkshire Dales. There’s some money up there, so that might prove more successful. I feel pleased with how yesterday went, though. I’m getting into the swing now.



  1. Sounds a really encouraging experience! Good portrait practice coming up to by the sounds of it and hopefully some recommendations to follow. Fingers crossed!

    And your Tern is, I’ve always thought, a great picture 😀


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