Posted by: digibirder | June 2, 2010

Help needed!

Edit: 3rd June.

I have had a play around with these logos, and I have now merged some elements of A and C. See what you think. I’ll keep it on one post, so that you don’t have to keep flipping back and forth if I make any more alterations.


e) Slightly taller and with extra graphic effect


I have been thinking of having a logo/brand identity for my photography business, for use on business cards and website, etc, and following a quote for over £100 from a printing/design company (and this involving most of the research work and gathering of ideas myself), I decided I would have a go myself, despite my distinct lack of design genes. I would therefore welcome your opinion on some logos that I have been putting together. Please indicate your choice of logo and add any other comments/suggestions, e.g regarding colours or fonts. I could, for example, add a flower background to the first logo.

I have taken other flower images with the intention of using them as part of the logo, but I quite liked the gerbera. I do have a favourite, but I won’t reveal which one yet!






  1. Golly this is difficult. I like all three! I’m going to be honest!!

    No.1 is great and I really like the light flare in the nI & L logo at the top. But, for me, it doesn’t grab my attention as much as B and C do.

    I’m finding it difficult to choose between B and C.

    I like the centre of the flower in B but not too sure about the layout of the word “and” – it seems to work better sideways as in C. But then I like C but I’m not sure about the colour of the lettering.

    How would it look if you had:
    B but with the background (dark) and the font and letter colouring with flare as in A?

    (And having just re-read what you have written I realise this is more or less, what you yourself have suggested lol )

    This is quite subjective and it comes down to personal taste.

    Having said all that, all three are very creative and all have impact and I really like the depth of colour.

    Hope all this makes sense!!

  2. Thanks Tricia, that’s a very helpful and comprehensive comment.

    I rather like the light flare effect in logo A, but felt it needed some sort of image, so I made B and C. I wasn’t sure how or where to add the flare to those, but I thought I could add an image to A, but that would cover the dark background. I’m not sure whether to have the image cover the whole background, or only part of it, as in C. I am trying to visualise how they would look as a website header. Perhaps one with a dark background and a partial image would work better, as opposed to one with all image in the background.

    I, too, like the direction of the ‘and’ in C rather than B. The font colour is simply a tone picked from the flower petals, and can be changed. I did try darker and lighter ones, but couldn’t really decide.

    I’ll have a go at incorporating a bit from each and see how that looks.

  3. think i prefer e.

  4. My vote is for D. I prefer the flower to stand alone 🙂

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