Posted by: digibirder | May 24, 2010

I’m back!

Sorry for the lack of posts. As you know, I’ve been busy in the run up to my very first craft fair. Well, it all happened this past weekend, but it wasn’t as good as I had hoped. Most of the traders there were disappointed, and were saying that they hadn’t even taken the cost of their stand in sales. Sunday was a slightly better day than Saturday in attendance, but they still weren’t buying. I took a measly £35, but £20 of that was because the lady on a jewellery stall, where I’d just bought a necklace, came over for a look as we were packing away, so we had to empty the packed box again! I gave her a discount, though, as she had given me a good price on the necklace. Of the other £15, £9 was for purchases by friends who came to look, and I also gave them a discount. So all-in-all a very poor weekend, but I will try again at a different venue, and maybe even the same venue later in the year. I’m not too downhearted, as I did get some compliments on my photography. Some business cards were picked up, so that might bring some portrait sessions later on. I have another smallish craft fair in a couple of weeks, sharing my sister’s stand at a village fair (she does health and nutrition products), so we’ll see what that brings. At least I have plenty of stock left to take!!

Here’s what my stall looked like and a sample of what I was selling – greetings cards and mounted prints.

We are slowly getting the redundancy money sorted bit by bit. I have received some, but the employment tribunal has ruled that I am also owed for another almost three years when I was working for the same company in a self-employed capacity, but they were paying me as if I was employed solely by them, except I had to sort out my own tax and national insurance payments. Apparently this is illegal. If I had done some ‘consultancy’ work for other companies during this time, that would have been OK, but I did not work for anyone else for all that time until they finally gave me a permanent contract. Of course, the company can’t pay, being in liquidation, but it will come from the state. The most annoying thing of all this is that the buggers have started up a new business with a slightly different name! I don’t know who is doing the work, apart from our ex-office manager, who stayed on out of some misguided sense of duty, as she is a personal friend of one of the directors. Probably working for nothing. It stinks. I hope they don’t get any work.

My twisted ankle is more or less better, but still twinges now and again. I am keeping the physio appointment that my doctor referred me to – it’s next week. I am hoping that the accident has not caused permanent damage, which is why I’ve decided to let the physio have a look. We are going to try a walk next weekend, to see how it holds up.

The blue tits are definitely nesting in the box in the garden. The parents are now confirmed as going in with food. Keith did have a quick look inside the box when we spotted that both parents were out on another food-gathering mission, and there were six open mouths gaping back at him.

We had the pleasure of a flying visit from Quacky Pete last week, on a brief trip to Sheffield for a business meeting. We didn’t have time to do anything or go anywhere interesting, though, as he was gone early the following morning in order to get ready for his holiday. He just needed a bed for the night, which we willingly gave him. And fed him, of course.

As I was exhausted from my efforts up to and over the weekend, I’ve had a fairly quiet day today. I’ve been investigating my possible next purchase. I am doing some research into some flash accessories, without going to the trouble of a full studio set-up. I want something portable and easy to use. And fairly cheap, of course.

We had a visit from the solar panel company today, to sign the papers and get some further information about what’s involved. There is a surveyor coming later in the week, to take some final measurements and details, and the panels should be fitted in mid-June. Then we will see how much electricity we can get for free! Should be quite helpful, being as we’re now in the house most days, with computer on, washing and dishwasher operating, etc.




  1. and well comfy the bed was. hope the nextfair work better

  2. Sorry you were disappointed with the craft fair and better trade on the next one I hope. Your pictures certainly justify it…. fingers crossed for you. 🙂

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