Posted by: digibirder | April 27, 2010

Catching up…

Where have I heard that one before??!!

As I mentioned before, I have been quite a busy bee getting images ready for the craft fair in May – in four weeks!! A few people have taken a look at the selection and the consensus is that they are good. I suppose what appeals to one person may not appeal to another, but some should sell. I also had a bit of a problem getting the images to print out as they looked on the monitor, and then came to the conclusion that my monitor was naff. I tried to calibrate it again, but being cheap-tack it wasn’t playing ball. So, Keith decided that if I was going to do this as a business, I needed a new one and ordered a super-dooper 23″ flat screen jobby for me for my birthday. It really is the bees-knees. And my images are printing out a treat now.

Some of you have already seen the website for my new venture. I have had this on the go for some time, but only recently managed to get something together that’s worth showing. It’s Image and Light Photography. Still a work in progress, I have to say, and I may move it to a proper webhost at some stage, but for now the Photium site is fine. Let me know what you think. And while you’re at it, you can become a fan of my Facebook business page – please!

Then I need to have some practice at portraits so that I can offer that service. I don’t think I’ll be offering wedding photography just yet! I’ve managed to find a cheap flashgun on ebay – my very first order – so that is winging its way from Hong Kong as we speak (now that the dust has settled!). This should make my portraits a bit more professional-looking. I hope!! I’ve also got a few more plans in the pipeline for the business, but one step at a time. I did try to get some help and assistance about self-employment  from the Job Centre, but they are totally useless. I also went to a Business Link event on Saturday, and that was some help, but not a lot. I guess I’ll just get going and see what happens. Although I’m supposed to have some sort of a business plan. Anyway, I grabbed our friends for a quick portrait session when they came to see us the other weekend. The background was an old white sheet, so it hasn’t come out that well, and the pop-up flash caused some shadows in places. In the second image, I have removed the background and replaced it with one created in Photoshop using the Cloud filter. That was fun! I turned the final image into a ‘high-key’ style and added a border – free from Photoradar. They will be much better when I have the proper flash lighting equipment.

In other news…

I’ve been on a few outings since my last post, the first of which was a trip to the North York Moors. The first stop was Farndale daffodil walk. We went here quite a few years ago, but it’s a lot busier now. We wandered up the dale and at the top there was a very welcome pub where we stopped to refresh with half a pint. It was quite a warm day and we were in short sleeves for most of the day.

This was pure luck – the butterfly landed just as I set up the shot of daffs against the sky

We then drove to Dalby Forest where we walked up to see the Bridestones rocks, which weren’t that impressive, I have to say. Especially disappointing when we had to pay £7 to get into Dalby Forest!

We then decided to carry on into Whitby to get some fish and chips and take a look at Saltwick Bay, from where I’ve seen many a nice image taken. Sunrise is the best time to be there, as it faces east, but there are chances later in the year to get a sunset. The path down to the beach is quite treacherous, but we managed it and spent a short time there before getting a bit cold and heading back to the car. The fish and chips were quite nice, too.

Looking towards Saltwick Nab

A few days later we had a trip to the Peak District. The aim was to get a sunset shot, supposedly made more spectacular by the volcanic ash cloud over us. We arrived early afternoon and had a walk down Padley Gorge. It was a much better day than the last time I went there, on my landscape course with Doug Chinnery. We then went into Hathersage and had fish and chips in a café before driving round to Higger Tor to get in position for the sunset.

Old millstone on the path down Padley Gorge

Carl Wark from Higger Tor

Finally, another trip with the camera club – to the Ingleton Falls Walk. I have been here before not too long ago, but I thought I’d have a day out. Keith decided to stay home, but I was offered a lift by another member. It was a pleasant day, apart from the fact that, on the return leg of the walk, I lost footing on a step and my ankle went over and I have been in a bit of pain since. I thought it was just a sprain and that it would clear up in a couple of days, but it has now been causing me some discomfort for over a week. I went to the docs this morning and he has given me some anti-inflammatory pills and referred me for physio. He thinks the ligament is damaged, but it’s not a bony injury or I would have pain every time I put my foot down. I can walk OK, but if I catch the foot and it twists it is quite painful. At least I managed to get some images.

Tried some focus-pocus here – the tree on the right is supposed to be the only thing in focus

Thornton Force not quite the force it was on my last visit

Some cute little lambs resting

And one more piece of good news – in the hope of improving the finances somewhat, I advertised my telescope a  few weeks ago. Keith has one, and I have hardly used mine anyway since taking up the photography lark. I hadn’t heard anything and thought it was not going to sell, but while on the drive up to Ingleton my mobile rang and it was someone enquiring about it. Anyway, we met up last week and they tried it and bought it. I was knocked down by fifty quid, but it’s put a few hundred back into the coffers!

And the swallows are back. Four flying round at the bottom of the road this morning. And there’s something happening in the blue tit nest box, but we can’t tell if they’re actually nesting or just playing at it. Lots of comings and goings, but nothing definite to say they are staying.



  1. the sunsets are nice

  2. Your pictures are amazing! I hope you have all the success you deserve!
    The Yorkshire Moors and coast are definitively a good scenery for these sort of pictures! If you are planning to visit Scarborough some time, give us a ring! We have some holiday flats in town! Be at home on holiday is our guideline!
    All my best wishes, Una

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