Posted by: digibirder | April 4, 2010

Plodding on

Well, we’re still here, and still unemployed. Keith didn’t get the Peak District job he applied for, and I have not seen anything worth applying for recently. Having said that, I am making progress with my photography business. I have booked a stand at a local craft fair in May, so I am busy selecting and printing some images to make into cards and mounted prints. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time, wondering if any will sell!

We have not been out and about too often lately, due to the lack of funds, but as it was my birthday, we went on a trip with my camera club last weekend to Thirsk and Sutton Bank. It was a nice day, but very windy. Not what you need when you’re on top of a hill trying to take photos! But we had a good day.

Daffs in front of a post box – just trying something different

In Thirsk church graveyard

View from Sutton Bank

And another – we were in danger of being blown off the edge at one point

On Good Friday I went on a landscape course in the Peak District with Doug Chinnery. I went on one of his courses in January, on how to use Lightroom to process images, and so I thought I would invest in this course on how to take better images.

We met at 5.30am (yawn), so that we would be in place for sunrise. From the car park we meandered up the rocky path in the gloom. We had torches, but it was still quite difficult. Unfortunately, the weather was against us and the sun did not make an appearance until much later in the day, and then only for a brief spell. However, we managed to get some shots. The sunset shoot was abandoned, due to lack of sun and the fact that the rain had started to come a bit heavier. So we sat in a café with cups of tea and Doug demonstrated some processing techniques on his laptop. At about 4.30pm we decided to call it a day and headed home.

I decided to make this one black and white, as the blue colour cast (due to the long exposure) was not that appealing – taken at about 6.15am

After breakfast we explored this woodland where I tried some abstract shots

We then walked down Padley Gorge to capture some water shots

I am happy with one or two of the images, but I think I need more practice with composition.



  1. these shots are cool in a very interesting way.
    i’m sure you’ll sell some work

  2. i like the b&w one may be interesting to lighten it a bit…?

  3. Sorry the work search isn’t coming up trumps at the mo 😦

    I really like the “water” pics 🙂

    I find if I’m trying to be creative it never works for me. Often it’s just a chance sight that suggests something…. the red and yellow is very dramatic..

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