Posted by: digibirder | March 14, 2010

The wait is over

Well, we finally heard about the Cyprus job – Keith didn’t get it, but it was a close run thing. But they have said that they would be happy to see him again in the future. So, we’re staying put for the time being, and hopefully he will get the job in the Peak District that he has now applied for.

I have been job-hunting, but probably not as keenly as I should have been. I’m still working on plans to be a self-employed photographer, but I’m not getting very far with that either. I keep having these moments of self-doubt about whether I can do it, whether my images are good enough, etc. I’ve just been editing some images from our trip to the Yorkshire Dales yesterday, and some of them appear quite soft. I don’t really know where the lens has focussed.

One of the reasons for going to the Dales yesterday, apart from the fact that it’s such a lovely area, is that there was a craft market in Ilkley and I thought I would go and check it out with the intention of possibly getting some images together to have a table at a craft fair sometime this year. There were three photographers there and I had a long chat with one of them, Tony O’Connell, who had quite a diverse collection of great images and also had leaflets for his workshops. He basically said I should just go ahead and make a start. He advised me to get some images together and try to get them exhibited somewhere, and also to go ahead and book a trade stand at a craft fair.

One of the other photographers had black and white images that he had developed himself in a traditional darkroom, and the other photographer had some lovely images made into greetings cards. When I asked this lady what camera she had used, I was surprised to learn that she was only using a bridge camera! So, there may be hope for me after all!!

I am actually going to have a display of images at a local village fair in June. It’s one my sister goes to with her nutritional products and I’m going to squeeze onto the end of her table and see how it goes. I need some bags and mounts for a professional presentation, though, but my sister has very kindly offered to help me out with any costs so that I can at least get something going.

Anyway, following the craft fair, we had our lunch in the car and then set off for a short walk around the area. We’ve done this walk before, but yesterday was a much better day and we thoroughly enjoyed being in the fresh air.

We were just taking some photos looking back towards Ilkley as we crossed over the old bridge, when a lady spotted a Kingfisher perched on a tree branch on the left bank. Unfortunately, I was giving my 18-50mm lens an outing and couldn’t quite get it in shot!

And there were a few lambs about

Part way round this route, there is a hidden garden called Calvary. Entering through a carved wooden gate, you take a path through some trees and then you reach the start of the carved stones, which represent the stations of the cross, and depict various scenes of the crucifixion of Jesus. The path leads up to a small shrine, which was full of candles and photos and other evidence of the place being used for devotions to lost loved ones.

I did check that the three specks in the image above were birds and not dust bunnies!



  1. Firstly, I’m sorry that Keith’s talents weren’t appreciated in terms of an offer of gainful employment! Their loss! (I shall sell my flight ticket now…)

    Your pictures are definitely worthy of selling. I used to go to a number of craft shows and photographers would sell their pictures made into greeting cards. Your pictures are by way far better than a lot I’ve seen. How about making some into cards to see how they sell?

    The last picture on your post today would be an ideal subject methinks! I can see it on a stretched canvas too 😉

  2. travel zooms are a bit soft. you’re asking a lot of a lens to be sharp from 18mm to 200mm.

    its a trade off of convenience for image quality. something I do when I go out for the day with dad

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