Posted by: digibirder | March 5, 2010

Am I dreaming?!

Woke today and the sun was shining for the second day in a row. Could it really be that the worst of the winter weather is over?

Yesterday we went out for a little jaunt into lower Wharfedale to take advantage of the nice weather. Our walk wasn’t that long, but it was good exercise and nice to be out in the fresh air. We walked from the village of Huby (very affluent-looking) up to Almscliff Crag, stopping at a sunny roadside bench for our sandwich and coffee part way round. The views from the top were stunning.

Being close to Harewood House, we spotted plenty of Red Kites around – though none close enough to photograph.

The following photo was taken from our office window a couple of mornings ago. The sun was just rising and the sky was a wonderful colour, so I zoomed out in order to isolate the distant farm and treeline. I think it has real drama. I’ve boosted the colour slightly and added contrast and a little sharpening.



  1. I love your sunset picture!!! Beautiful !!

  2. lovely set of views diane

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