Posted by: digibirder | February 22, 2010

365 updates

365:49 Rainy night

I was stuck in all day Thursday until it was time to go to the camera club meeting, and the weather was awful. I took my compact camera to the club and it wasn’t until I was in the car ready to come home that I managed to get this shot of the car park of the place where our meetings are held.

365:50 Evening glow

We decided on a trip up to the Yorkshire Dales on Friday. Not being a weekend it was not as busy as on other visits we’ve made, which was good. This image was taken in the village of Muker, having walked up a lane to get a raised viewpoint for the barns. I wanted to be there for some evening shots, but the sunset wasn’t that spectacular.

It is a long drive up to Swaledale, and we used quite a bit of petrol, so we are going to have to take it steady over the next few days and not travel so far. The scenery was spectacular though, and it was far better weather than was forecast. There had been a substantial fall of snow which made for some stunning views. We drove up Arkengarthdale to the Tan Hill Inn and then intended to take a minor road back over to Muker, but when we turned into the road it was sheet ice! We had to drive back the way we came and come into Muker on the main road.

Some other images from the day:

365:51 Night view

Again, a very uninspiring day. This was taken with the A95 on its longest shutter speed of 15 seconds resting on the office windowsill looking out over the houses and far into the distance.

365:52 More snow!

Woke up Sunday to find a snowstorm in progress, and it continued for most of the day. I tried to get some interesting snow effects for today’s image, but I didn’t quite get it right.

365:53 Colourful cogs

Actually, this is a macro of some felt pens. Keith found them recently, having had them hidden away for some time, and I thought the lids had an interesting composition when viewed from above. The way the ridges on the lids lock together is reminiscent of cogs in a machine.

Had another almighty migraine this morning, and didn’t surface until about 1pm. At 4.30am I took some paracetamol and codeine, at 5.30 I was sick. I tried a cup of tea but only managed a bit of it. I tried some cereal but couldn’t manage that. At 6.30 I took one of the prescription painkillers that the doc gave me the other week, and ate a few bites of a slice of toast. At 9.30 I took an Ibuprofen and then went to sleep. I felt a bit woozy still, but we had a pasta dish for lunch and I started to feel a bit more alive.

Keith was invited to Cyprus for an interview, but we’ve decided that it’s all a bit short notice, and we don’t know whether the house will sell in the current market, and we don’t really have the funds to keep us going until things pick up, and we don’t really know what I will do out there, so he’s turned it down. If the salary had been a bit better, we might have risked it.



  1. Interesting subjects and lovely pictures as usual but the Sunset Glow is a great picture; beautiful!

    Although there’s some wonderful snowy scenes I’d be glad for the lack of it now!

    Fingers crossed there won’t be any this weekend! 🙂

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