Posted by: digibirder | February 16, 2010


365:46 Complementary

I decided to do something colourful and chose complementary colours for Monday’s image. Lit with a daylight bulb in an anglepoise lamp to one side.

365:47 Yummy!

Today we went into Doncaster to get some nice meat and fish from the market (it really is the best place around for fresh fish) and we decided to have a treat and visit Woods’ Tea Rooms. We used to go here quite regularly, but obviously we can’t do that too often now. We usually have the warm scone and Assam tea, which comes as leaves, not teabags. I know it’s not the usual shape for a scone – I think it’s baked in a huge tray and then cut into big squares, but it’s quite delicious. Taken with A95.

In other news: the other day my sister told me about a scheme by A Shade Greener who are fitting solar panels to 2,000 south-facing houses in parts of Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Humberside – for FREE. Apparently, it’s some Government legislation whereby they will get paid for the electricity these panels generate. Meanwhile the home owner gets to use the electricity for free.

So, I applied online. You have to stick a virtual pin in your roof in Google Earth and they check it and see if you’re eligible. Even though we are south/south-west, we have qualified so an inspector is coming out in a couple of weeks to check the angle of the roof, etc.

Unfortunately, my sister’s roof is too small so she has not qualified – she’s not best pleased.


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