Posted by: digibirder | February 14, 2010


365:45 Little Grebe

Today we had a trip into Derbyshire and had a walk along the Cromford Canal. When we arrived there were a lot of birders about, and apparently there are a number of Hawfinch there, but we didn’t spot any. We started by walking a little way along the canal bank and then turned round and walked back to the start. On the way back we heard and saw a few pairs of Little Grebe in territorial displays. Each pair was trying to hold on to their little bit of water, and it was fascinating watching them dive and swim under water. They move like lightning. I managed to catch one in a relatively still moment!

We then had a wander around Arkwright’s Cromford Mill where we had a scone and a cup of tea, and then we explored Cromford village for a while before heading back to the car for our sandwiches. By this time the sun had said farewell for the day, so we set off back home.

Some more images from around Cromford Canal and the mill:

Cromford Wharf



  1. Wow – sounds a good walk; little Grebes are such pretty birds too. And is that strange light – sunlight!!!! I’d forgotten what it looked like 😉

    • It was sunlight indeed! It did cloud over again after lunch, but it was good while it lasted.

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