Posted by: digibirder | February 13, 2010

365 catch-up

Well, I thought this might happen occasionally. It’s not too much of a problem, except that I actually missed a day of taking a photo on Thursday. Again I woke up with an annoying headache, but I was due to see the doctor. I simply did not feel like doing anything much all day and it was only later that afternoon that I felt as if going to the camera club would be a good idea.

The doctor took my blood pressure, which was OK, and then asked a few questions. Are you menopausal? Yes. Are you under any stress? Oh yes! Well, that was her diagnosis and she gave me some tablets that I have to take when I feel another migraine coming on. I can only take one a day. I have to go back in four weeks and if things haven’t improved she will refer me to a neurologist. Anyway, the past couple of days have been headache-free so we’ll see.

I have suspected it may be the Agnus Castus that I am taking for hot flushes, and I have stopped them for the time being. Consequently, I am getting a little hot and bothered now and then, but not as bad as it was a year or so ago.

So, to catch up with the 365, I took a few images yesterday, one of which will fill in for Thursday’s missing image, and then managed to get one done for today. As we didn’t go out today, I thought I’d take an image that reflected the theme of the day – cleaning up!

365:42 Under a cloud

This image was taken on Friday, and illustrates how I have been feeling lately, with the oppressive headaches and low mood.

365:43 Sudoku

Keith has a bit of an addiction to Sudoku puzzles. I started it off, but then went off them, but Keith spends a lot of time doing them, even online ones.

365:44 Clean-up day

I tackled the main bathroom and master en-suite today, while Keith dusted and vacuumed. The place was badly in need of a spruce-up.

We are off out tomorrow, so the images should be a bit more interesting.



  1. if you fancy cleaning here 😀

    • Depends on the hourly rate!!

  2. Often, migraine headaches and tension headaches present similarly. Sometimes, some soft-tissue work and chiropractic care helps those who suffer from headaches quickly.

    • Thank you for your comment. I’m not sure what has been causing these recent migraines. I have suspected food sensitivities in the past, but I don’t know if that is the reason for the current episodes. I think it is more likely to be stress brought on by a number of factors – one being our recent unemployment situation.

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