Posted by: digibirder | February 10, 2010


365:41 I wish it would go away

Today I have yet another headache (or a continuation of the one from the other day), so I’m booked into the doctor’s tomorrow morning. I have tried to think of anything that may be causing it – I just don’t know. In the past I have suspected certain foods, but they are not a part of my diet any longer, or at least not a big enough part to cause this. It could be stress, it could be hormonal, it could be that I’m drinking more tea and coffee while at home all day, but I also think it could be dehydration from not drinking enough water. I used to take a large bottle of water to work every day and I haven’t had anywhere near the same amount while I’ve been at home. We’ll see what the doc says. I’m hoping to be sent for further tests to rule out anything more sinister, but we’ll see.

We had to go to the Job Centre this morning for a ‘Back to Work’ seminar. It was quite useful in some respects, but really it was just to drive home to people the steps they should be taking to look for work and to let us know the help available.

The Business Link seminar last night was OK. The trainer kept going off on a tangent about her own career history as an example. There were only four of us there so it was kept fairly informal. Again, there was some useful information, but we knew a lot of it anyway.

Not sure about the rest of the week. We can’t really afford to keep dashing off here, there and everywhere, so it might be somewhere local if we do get out. It snowed again this afternoon and it was bitterly cold. I don’t think it’s set to improve much.



  1. I’m sorry that your headaches are still continuing. I’m in agreement that it could be any of some of the reasons you mention.

    Usually migraines were caused by stress where I was concerned and orange juice (of all things!!). And given your general situation at the moment, stress seems the most likely.

    Even though tea and coffee may be possible, you’re drinking water (i.e. liquid) by having those drinks!

    Hope all goes/went well with the doctor and you’ll soon see an end to headaches etc. etc.

    Take care 🙂

    • Tricia, thanks for your comment. I can understand about the orange juice, because it’s something I can’t drink either. It gives me the worst ever migraine. I did check my fruit juices to see if I’d bought one by mistake with some orange in it. I think it is just the stress.

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