Posted by: digibirder | February 9, 2010


365:40 Sunshine at last

Finally, some sun appears! We were out for a couple of hours exploring the area we drove round yesterday. This time we got togged up and had a bit of a walk round Melton Wood. I think this will prove to be a better walk in spring or summer, but it was pleasant enough. In that general area there are also some decent walks and picturesque villages to explore sometime.

The image for today was taken just outside the woodland, along a bridleway leading into the village of High Melton. We then turned back into the wood and made our way back to the car.

Some more images taken today:

This old catch was on a gatepost at the edge of the wood where we ventured out to take today’s main image. I decided it would make a good black and white subject, but I am not too sure about the processing method, which was the Lab Color method outlined on DPS. I think it probably needs more contrast.

Tonight we’re off to a free Business Link seminar, “How to set up and run a business after redundancy”. I’m hoping they don’t recommend you have thousands of pounds in redundancy to invest. We haven’t even heard about ours yet, and it certainly won’t be a fortune.


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