Posted by: digibirder | February 3, 2010


365:34 Some reading matter

I’ve realised I have quite a few photography magazines to catch up on. I have been buying the odd one from my camera club – old ones are brought in by members and they are sold off cheaply (20p to 50p depending how old they are) to boost club funds. These, though, were all bought by me last year, and I think there are even some from the year before. I think I’ve skimmed through some of them, but just never got round to reading them. I suppose I have plenty of time on my hands to get on with this now.

As you can probably tell, we didn’t get out today. Keith was doing some work in preparation for a job interview he has on Friday, so I just pottered and sorted through some photos on the computer for critique night at camera club next week. Then it snowed some more. We have quite a covering again now. I do long for the warmer weather.



  1. more snow? really gets you down doesn’t it! I did find the previous post amusing.

    film seems to be the preserve of the medium format camera or those owning Leica’s now!!

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