Posted by: digibirder | February 2, 2010


365:33 Rose Quartz

We had to stay in again today as I had a new hairdresser coming to the house to cut my hair, and it was also not a very nice day anyway, then it started to snow! To top it all I managed to get another headache. I really don’t know what’s causing them, but I suspect it may be lack of water. Since finishing work I haven’t drunk nearly as much as I used to. We used to take a large bottle with us every day.

So, again I struggled with a subject for today’s image. I’ve had this piece of Rose Quartz for years. I am interested in various alternative therapies and some time ago I looked into crystal healing and bought a few samples of various crystals. I never really understood this particular discipline, but found it quite intriguing. Rose Quartz is the crystal of the heart – in both an emotional sense and a physical sense, but it also has healing qualities for the mind – fear, low self-esteem, dispels negative thoughts. I also discovered that it can help migraines, so I have it with me at the moment and decided to make it my image for today. I have to say, I have taken two lots of pain killers today and still had a headache, but it does appear to be easing now!!

I decided to read another photography book this week, and it’s another one from 2002 – A Field Guide to Landscape Photography by Peter Watson. The author does acknowledge the coming of the digital revolution, but insists that the “price:image quality ratio favours film” and if quality is required, film is the way to go. His images are quite superb, though.

The author uses large format film equipment (and appears to still be doing so), but he also advocates using a Polaroid camera to check exposure, etc., before taking the final image. Obviously, digital is a bit more convenient in this respect.

I think I need to invest in some more up-to-date books!!



  1. Golly – Polaroid – and we thought that was so revolutionary; instant pictures. Little did we know! 😀

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