Posted by: digibirder | January 31, 2010


365:31 Ice flow

Another glorious day, so we headed up into the Yorkshire Dales. After a heavy frost overnight, it was a winter wonderland, especially as some of the snow from a few weeks ago had still not thawed. The other week when we went up for a visit, some of the snow had disappeared but the ground was soaking wet. Today, after the overnight frost, everything was quite hard underfoot. This was most welcome, otherwise we would have been up to our knees in mud.

It was cold but we soon warmed up after an uphill trudge. There was no wind so it was quite pleasant in the sunshine. We started in Hebden village and did a circular walk over the moorland to the north of the village, an area littered with old mine shafts, and came back into the village following Hebden Ghyll.

The above image is a small part of a waterfall that had developed icicles where the water had been tumbling down. At the bottom, the water flowed among the vegetation, also enveloping that in its icy grip.

The whole waterfall

This is a path that we had to negotiate – it was sheet ice (and quite a steep downhill stretch) so we had to work our way down the edge where there was some vegetation to walk on

Some puddles were solid ice with some quite interesting patterns

Picking our way across the icy paths

Apologies if my recent images appear a little strange in colour or tone. I had my monitor calibrated a few weeks ago, by a chap from the camera club with their very expensive calibration machine, but the other day I noticed some strange effects in a dark area in one of my photographs. Initially I thought something had gone wrong with my camera, but I checked the images on Keith’s PC and the laptop and the colours were fine. I then noticed similar effects on an image on a website, so I now know for certain it’s not my camera.

I tried to undo the calibration back to the original state, but I can’t quite get it right. It’s only a basic monitor that came with this PC system, so as soon as I can afford it I will get a new one. In the meantime, so that I can get the colours right, I will have to edit on the laptop.


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