Posted by: digibirder | January 30, 2010


365:30 Across the water

We had intended to go further afield today, but Keith woke with a headache and we hadn’t had a good night anyway, so we decided to have a lie-in – again. As it was a nice day, though, once we came round a bit we decided to go out for a walk and some fresh air, so we went to Newmillerdam Country Park, near Wakefield.

It was quite chilly, but there were plenty of people around, some even buying ice cream from the van in the car park! This is the first time we’ve visited this place, although we have driven past it a number of times. It always seems to be busy, especially in summer. We walked up one side and across a little bridge near the head of the dam and then back along the other bank, behind the boathouse, which you see in the image. The mill was apparently near to where the boat house is.

Some more images:

Turning round from taking the photo of the day, I noticed the sunlight streaming through the tightly-packed trees on the other side of the path

The boathouse from the gates to the park


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