Posted by: digibirder | January 28, 2010

365:27 and 365:28

I knew this would happen one day – not enough time to post the image for the day on the actual day. I spent the best part of yesterday fitting a sound card in Keith’s computer, but as with these things, it didn’t quite go to plan and we ended up abandoning the job as we had to get to the Job Centre to sign on. Following that, we went directly into Sheffield as we were off to the theatre.

An ex-work colleague belongs to a theatre company and he was in a production of The Crucible by Arthur Miller. A couple of other ex-colleagues came too (I suppose I could call them friends now), and it was a very good evening, topped off by a session at a nearby pub where all the ‘luvvies’ go after their performance. One of our friends had brought along some of her friends, all in their twenties, and we had a great time chatting with them.

Between leaving the Job Centre and getting to the theatre, we arrived in Sheffield with a bit of time to kill. We had a wander around John Lewis, who are open ’till 8pm on Wednesdays, and then went back to the car to eat our sandwiches (can’t afford to eat out too often nowadays). So yesterday’s image is the car radio console.

365:27 Killing time

Today, I’ve been continuing the fitting of the sound card, and then removing it again, as it appears to have a problem. There was a problem with the speakers Keith was using, which is why he wanted a new sound card, but there appears to be a compatibility issue with something, as there is a constant hiss on one speaker, with onboard sound or sound card. Then the sound card stopped working all together.

We’ve tried all permutations of onboard sound, sound card, old speakers new speakers, attaching his speakers to my computer, etc. Attaching the speakers to my computer appears to be OK, so there must be some issue with Keith’s PC, but I’m stumped in finding out what it might be. Bloody computers!!

365:28 Inner workings


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