Posted by: digibirder | January 23, 2010


365:23 West Burton Falls

We finally managed to get out today, and decided to have a trip to the Yorkshire Dales. We weren’t too sure about the weather, as the forecast was a little misleading. As we were heading north, the clouds looked a bit ominous, but we kept going.

When we arrived in the Dales there were patches of mist and fog in places. We would be in sunshine one minute and in deep fog the next. This made for some very dramatic lighting conditions. We found a place to park and took some shots of the mist moving across the landscape.

We didn’t do a walk as the ground was very wet following the melting of the snow (there was some snow remaining in certain places), but instead just drove along looking for new viewpoints. After stopping for our lunch the clouds came in and the sun was not seen again so we kept on and drove to Northallerton where we stopped for a wander around and had a scone and cup of tea before heading home. On the way we passed through the village of West Burton, which we visited last August when we camped in the area. We stopped off briefly to see what the waterfall was like with the increase in the water levels and it was indeed in full flow. I decided to make it my image for today.



  1. Wow! These are simply lovely!

  2. Wonderful! The trees in the most are so atmospheric. You do “see” some great images šŸ˜€

  3. ooops ‘the trees in the MIST are…’

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