Posted by: digibirder | January 19, 2010


365:19 Carnation

Decided to go macro for today’s image. We bought a bouquet the other day and I thought I’d get some images before they died. They were out of date and reduced in the shop, so we thought we might as well brighten the house up for not much cost.

Some extra images:

And while we’ve been off work, we are able to look into the garden more often during the day (not that it looks very inviting at the moment) and we’ve noticed that this little fella is visiting quite regularly.

I suppose he comes every day, but we’re not staring out of the window all the time, so we don’t see every visit. This is heavily cropped and sharpened and taken through double glazing.

Thankfully, my head has improved today and I’ve felt a bit more lively. Having said that, due to thick fog we decided to stay in and make a start on the sorting we still have to do around the house – paperwork and clutter, etc. We did get quite a bit done so that made us feel a bit better. We have a pile for throwing and a box for car boot sales (should we feel so inclined when the weather gets a bit better).

We haven’t heard anything on the job front yet, but we’re persisting in our search.


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