Posted by: digibirder | January 12, 2010


365:12 Cheese grater

Managed to get out today – hoorah! We went into Sheffield to have a wander and also to meet up with some ex-work colleagues for a coffee and a chat. We did intend to go on somewhere else to get some photos, but the weather turned really damp and dark, so we came back home.

I managed to get a few shots around the city centre, though. This one being a new multi-storey car park, called The Cheese Grater by some, for obvious reasons. I’ve seen images taken from the front side of the building, but we were round the back and I thought it looked interesting with the trees in front.

In the same area, which is behind the Winter Gardens in Sheffield, there are some interesting water features. I took some photos of these a couple of years ago when we went there on a photo evening organised by the camera club I was a member of at that time. Today I noticed a leaf clinging on for dear life as the water rushed past it.

This is one of the images from my camera club trip to illustrate the water features. There are several more scattered around this area. The Winter Garden is in the background.

We then went into the Winter Garden and spotted these two strange looking characters. You sit in between them and their heads turn to look at you!

It was good meeting up with our ex-colleagues and it cheered me up a bit from my low mood. We have to go out tomorrow – it’s sign-on day at the Job Centre – so we may go on somewhere interesting if the weather is any better.


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