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365:8 Cotton-wool tree

Sorry, more snow pics! Seems I am not yet in the groove with originality. And it’s only eight days in!! Looking at the snow still clinging to some trees, it appears to resemble cotton wool balls.

Keith had a dental appointment in Rotherham this morning, so I tagged along and had a wander round Clifton Park, which is near to where we used to live. In fact we used to walk through the park on the way to the station to get the train to work. It made a pleasant start to the day. We have seen Sparrowhawk, Treecreeper, Nuthatch, in fact all manner of birdlife here. At times there have been large flocks of Fieldfare and Redwing. None today, unfortunately.

I spent a pleasant half hour or so wandering round taking photos and looking at some of the changes that have taken place since we were last there. The children’s paddling pool area has been completely overhauled, making a much larger water-based play area along with other activity areas. A bit empty today, though.

The park is also the site of the annual Rotherham Show, although in 2009 it was moved to an alternative location due to all the improvement work in progress.

Here are some more images from the park:

Crazy golf anyone?

Avenue of trees leading up to the museum

Magnificent Beech tree planted to commemorate Queen Victoria

Following my observations yesterday on the progress of computer and camera technology over the past few years, I started to look back over the last decade with both wonder and regret.

One year into the ‘noughties’ I embarked on a change of career, from nursing to IT, having achieved a qualification in computer technology. The fact that I only embarked on this course of action in order to learn how to upgrade my computer is quite remarkable, to me anyway. Looking back, I am proud of that achievment, but also a little dismayed that I didn’t take it to further heights. Seems the nine years have been wasted somewhat. I suppose this is a reflection of our current unemployment situation – more time to sit and reflect, probably. Who knows where I might have been by now if I had progressed a bit further.

I read a blog the other day (can’t find it again now) about someone who had taken up digital photography at the turn of the new millennium and was now making a living from it professionally. Again, an opportunity missed for me. I bought my first digital compact back in 2001, then moved to a DSLR a couple of years later. Having spent a number of years with 35mm back in the day, I should have grasped this opportunity with both hands. But I have simply ‘plodded’ along. I seem to have done nothing with any of the opportunities presented to me. I should even have looked further into photography all those years ago, as I did take some decent images, but I plodded.

I don’t want this to get too maudlin, so I’ll stop there! If anything, I have decided to think more positively about the current situation and try and move things on as swiftly as possible. I’m joining agencies to look for work, but I am also looking at this possible photographic opportunity with renewed vigour. I don’t know where it will lead, but the journey will be interesting.



  1. YOu never know what may become of it but try doing some professional work. Start a website, do some marketing, show off what you can do. You might be surprised.

  2. You have a talent – so use it – dont despair – it doesn’t matter that you restart now…the fact you restart is the important thing.

    I always enjoyed your photos….I am sure I am not alone – and wont be –

    focus and get out there – have a go -you might be surprised where it leads!


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